Sustainable Development in the Holy Quran

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In the Holy Quran, there are many verses which emphasize the great importance of environment protection and sustainable development, and the responsibility of human beings towards the environment. The man has the right to use the environment for getting the essential benefits like water, land, air, minerals etc. But there is no right given to man to damage the environment.

Awareness about Sustainable Development

The awareness about the sustainable development among the people is increasing. The people feel the necessity to include religious influence in maintaining the environment. The Learn Quran Online play a significant role in our lives to fulfill our responsibility as the Khalifah of Allah.

Sustainable development is not a new concept for Muslims. In the Quran, we can find more than 500 verses in which Allah guides us on matters related to the environmental sustainability.

Our Responsibilities

According to our religion Islam, human being is the caretaker or guardian of this environment. The Islamic perspective on sustainable development is that Islam can contribute to increasing human awareness of the environment and its sustainability. The Quran also explains the importance of the environment and explains the relationship of the surroundings with human life.

Thus, as Muslims, it is our responsibility to utilize the earth responsibly. We should maintain and preserve it honestly. The Quran teaches us to use it considerately and moderately. It is very important to pass the maintained environment to future generations. We have to handle our environment in a way that comprehends the worship of Allah.

The Quran is a guiding source for Muslims. Allah says in the Quran:

“It is He who has appointed you vicegerent on the earth…” 

Every person can share earth’s resources. Allah has also set a scale on all the resources. Our negative actions will produce the side-effects and cause ecological imbalance on Earth.

The Quran tells us

“The servants of the Lord of Mercy are those who walk gently upon the earth…”

Land Reclamation in Quran

According to the Quran, Allah rewards a person who brings a dead land to life. Land reclamation is highly encouraged in Islam. Preserving the land is very important because not only human beings but also animals, birds, and other creatures benefits from it. Allah regards this act as a charity in Islam. Allah says that He offers rewards for planting every sapling.

Protection of Nature

Nature protection is emphasized in our religion. Industrial development is not allowed in any such area. Allah says that all the things that He created on the earth have certain purposes. We should appreciate the wildlife and contribute to the protection of nature.

Water Rights

In the Holy Quran, Allah mentions the word ‘water’ 66 times. Water is very important for us because it has life-giving properties. There is a Quranic verse about water:

“And Allah sends down rain from the skies, and gives therewith life to the earth after its death: verily in this is a Sign for those who listen”

Monopolization of water is not allowed in Islam. Sustainability of water is very important. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) teaches us to use the water properly without wasting it. Quran not only encourages the protection of water but also forbids polluting it.

Environment Protection

We can only benefit from the environment if we contribute to its maintenance or conservation. People are ignorant in this regard so this ignorance has resulted in the environmental degradation. There is a need to raise awareness among the people. People should realize that it is their religious duty to conserve the environment. Allah, the Almighty, does not allow anyone to cause damage to the earth.


The protection and conservation of the environment is the religious duty of all the Muslims. We as Muslims believe in the sustainable development of our cities and our countries. The Muslim community should be responsible to protect the nature. It is our duty to raise awareness among the people on the basis of Quranic teachings. People should also follow the Quranic principles of mutual cooperation. Best Ways to Learn Quran Fast to know more about it.

Greywater Systems for a Greener Home

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There is nothing more important than water when it comes to the sustenance of life on this planet. Yet, 844 million people globally do not have access to clean and safe water. Access to clean and safe water can be termed as the stepping stone towards building a sustainable world. Understanding this global crisis of water, developing and developed countries have shifted their attention towards the possibility of reusing greywater to limit the exploitation of resources. In this article let’s have a quick gaze on “Greywater Systems”, what they are? how does it work? The need for it, and so on.

What is Greywater?

Wastewater from domestic use can be broadly classified into two, viz

  1. Black water: This includes the sewage water from toilets, which cannot be used for any other purpose and has to go into a septic tank or sewage drain.
  2. Greywater: Domestically used water which is not clean to drink but can be used for other purposes after proper treatment is termed as Greywater.

Most of the wastewater from domestic use falls under the category of Greywater, which essentially means we are wasting water which can be used again. In the wake of the 21st-century people have begun realizing the potential of re-using Greywater in building a sustainable world.

Advantages of using Greywater

  • Helps to drastically reduce the need for fresh water

Greywater can be used without any treatment for purposes like watering plants which greatly reduces the quantity of water being diverted from nature and helps in creating an eco-friendly garden. With the cost-effective ways of water treatment, the Greywater can be used for doing laundry, outdoor cleaning, and so on.

  • Reduces the strain on septic tanks/ sewer tanks

Re-using the Greywater obviously reduces the strain on septic tanks/sewer tanks as most water is diverted for uses and ends up recharging the groundwater. On a broad picture reduced quantity of Greywater from individual houses means higher treatment effectiveness and lower costs for municipal water treatment plants.

  • Reclamation of wasted nutrients and plant growth

Greywater contains water from the kitchen which has higher organic contents than the fresh water. Using this water for watering the plants can indirectly be a way to provide nutrients to plants thereby saving the additional cost on manures and fertilizers.

How to use Greywater in your homes?

The major hurdle in using greywater in an existing house lies in the way the plumbing systems have been designed. Majority of the water we use is flushed into the septic tanks or city sewer drains. Which is why a great deal of plumbing modification has to be done in order to use Greywater in an existing house.

The ideal way of Re-using Greywater would be to divert all the drain water into an outdoor Greywater tank and then using it. This system can only be designed while building a new house. On existing houses, the easiest and cost-effective way would be to identify the exterior drain pipes from kitchen, bathtubs and laundry machines. Cut a hole in the pipes and using an elbow joint divert the water to your vegetable gardens or an outdoor Greywater tank.

Is it safe to use Greywater?

The Greywater may look dirty to our eyes as it contains grease, dirt, hair and certain household products. Because Greywater does not come in direct or indirect contact with a toilet or sewer, it contains a 100 times fewer pathogens which makes it safe for reuse. The contents of the Greywater can be valuable fertilizers to your plants.

Basic guidelines for using Greywater

  • Do not store Greywater for more than 24 hours which may lead to the breakdown of the nutrients releasing bad odours
  • Ensure that the Greywater stored in the tanks can soak into the surrounding soil and is unavailable for animals or people to drink.
  • Keep your Greywater systems as simple as possible.
  • Avoid overflowing and runoff of Greywater from the storage tanks.


Implementing Greywater systems at your homes can prove to be the first step towards building a sustainable house. Greywater systems can greatly be of help in reducing the fresh water consumption by re-using.

Common Recycling Mistakes: An Infographic

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When it comes to recycling, reusing, and reducing, you may feel as though you’re contributing to a mountain that is never going to be summited. After all, that little drop in the bucket—does it really matter?Well, of course it matters. The problem is, not enough people are doing what you do and many people (maybe even you) aren’t recycling correctly all the time.

Take, for example, the people who aren’t recycling: The U.S. recycles not even one-quarter of the trash that each of their households generates. And take the latter—the people recycling incorrectly. Glass, for example, doesn’t decompose in a landfill, so tossing it in the trash does no one any good, especially not those with ambitious recycling goals.

However, you shouldn’t despair. You can do better and you can do more, and you can persuade friends and family to follow your example. This graphic offers some good advice to get started.


How to Hire a Skip Bin


As we know rubbish removal has to be done quite frequently and at regular intervals, and for this reason, the processes of waste management are to be known so that local hygiene can be retained, neatness can be maintained at the work place and commercial, industrial office spaces can be kept neat and clean. Research tells us how to hire a skip bin for carrying the rubbish to be removed and where those are supposed to get dumped and disposed as well.

Hire good quality bins for better disposal

Skip bin hire research involves sorting the waste by its quantity, material, location and disposal. The amount of waste being carried to the dumping zone matters, the quantity and the weight of the rubbish to be disposed matters.

The waste material might be dry or might be inflammable, the rubbish might be organic or liquid; and for this reason, sorting the waste stuff is necessary for skip bin and renew your possible waste research. The location from which the waste material is to be collected and carried matters a lot

Choose your priorities to dispose

To get a skip bin on hire is about the needs and priorities and how the client needs the work to be done, like location, time, distance, position, rubbish collection, residential or domestic waste management or commercial industrial larger projects. A skip bin hire research also involves getting the estimated prices charged and the budget comparison as well.

Things we should not put inside a skip bin

In accordance with a skip bin hire research we are always supposed to know what waste stuff we should place inside a skip bin and what not to be placed. When it comes to garage stuff, household waste etc., we can easily place those but when it is just soil dumped we cannot have that inside a skip bin. We are not allowed to place large timbers and wooden trunks inside a skip bin.

You also need to decide about your contents and the exact things that you want to transport while you are relocating from one place to another.

  • Light weight stuff for skip bin
  • Heavy weight stuff for skip bin

More about the process

According to the skip bin hire process we cannot put inside harmful chemicals, paints, inflammable objects and larger logs of wood. We cannot have heaps of sand and dust and cannot have food waste as well. These are some of the restrictions and limitations to be followed while getting rubbish disposed.

A smaller skip bin is generally hired to carry green waste such as grass, twigs, plants and other such stuff which are easily carried and dumped to be disposed.

Why would you hire a skip bin company

A skip bin hire research says that we must hire one such machine when we need it and in accordance with the proper size and weight categories. Hiring a skip bin involves a lot of money and hence, one must be conscious about the rates charged and their budget.

Also hiring and getting the waste carried away somewhere else is not enough as we must inquire about the disposal, waste management techniques being followed there after and the recycling process as well. You must choose the alternatives and the best materials as well. Wood, plastic and aluminium cans and bins can be the best possible way you can go along with the ideas of hiring skip bin specialists.

Storage of Household Chemicals: A Guide


Being environmentally conscious means you should buy eco-friendly products whenever possible. However, there are some cases in which a “green” substitute may not be readily available. As hard as you may try to avoid them, we sometimes need to rely on harsh chemicals for many of our housekeeping tasks.

Household chemicals, such as cleansers, drain cleaners, deodorizers and other products have the potential to not only harm the ecosystem, but also our health if not handled properly. It is essential to know the basics of storage of household chemicals that can be found in and around the house, in order to safeguard public health as well as the environment.

One of the most important principles is to read the label prior to usage/storage. Certain cleaners need to be kept in specific conditions or temperatures to avoid hazardous situations. Proper organization is also key when it comes to using these products responsibly. Re-label any containers that have been around long enough to where original labels are faded or missing.

Homeowners should know the location(s) of their local hazardous material disposal stations, as well. Proper handling of these materials will help prevent them from getting into the mainstream environment, where they can cause public health and ecological issues.

Going green means choosing all-natural products as often as you can. When it’s not possible, you need to take extra care. The accompanying guide details what you should know about the correct ways to store and handle household chemicals.


Household Chemical Storage Guide from SolvChem Custom Packaging Division

7 Negative Effects of A Used Car On The Environment

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Despite the fact that used cars are pocket-friendly and easy to buy, they leave bad imprints on the environment in one way or the other. If you are unaware of them, please check these 7 negative effects of a used car on the environment.

1. Destruction of natural resources

Natural resources are the gifts of nature, which we should care about. Despite being the most brainy creature on this planet, we share the maximum part in the destruction of the natural resources available on earth. While producing cars and other automobiles, it uses a large amount of steel, iron, plastics, rubber and other materials. Similar, most of such products are created to make the car look dashing. Even the production processes also consume a great portion of energy which directly or indirectly affects the environment.

Most of the major players are changing their manufacturing strategies with new cars, but an option of a used car is still available which implants a significant effect on the surrounding environment.

2. Global warming

Either it’s a brand new car or any used car, they both run by consuming fuel and energy. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are the major constituents in the exhausts released by the cars. The new cars are made up of better engines in accordance to the latest norms of pollution controls. On another hand, used cars are responsible to release more carbon contents as they are made up with the earlier technologies.

Basically, the engines get worn up with time and they are unable to burn the fuel in the required ratio. This inability leads to the yield of carbon monoxide which harms the ozone layer leading to global warming.

3. Air, soil and water

Car pollutants create a bad impact of the natural resources like air, water, and soil. It depletes the quality of these resources very badly. Pollutants, like nitrous oxide, harms the ozone layer, which is essential and protects from the ultraviolet radiations from the sun.

Other pollutants like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide when mixed with rainwater, leads to acid rains. Acid rains badly damage the crop quality, forests, plantation, other vegetation, and buildings. Engine oils, brake oils, and other such lubricants are thrown on the soil or in water resources like river, sea, lakes which contaminates the water and also leads to the death of the water animals.

4. Affecting human health

Human health is badly affected by the used car emitted particles, like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and other car pollutants which are considered bad. The diesel engines are responsible for emitting a high level of pollutants which act as airborne particles like soot and metals.

These particles generally cause irritation and allergies to skin and eyes. Even fine particles are often inhaled by the people which lead to respiratory problems affecting the lungs. Ozone is beneficial for the upper layer in the atmosphere but when one inhales it, it causes problems like chest pains, cough and is very difficult to breathe in. Even the noise produced by the cars causes noise pollution which is bad for the ears as well and often leads to physiological problems.

5. Used car produce more carbon content

Every product produced comes with an expiry date and using it beyond this time can be very harmful in for the user. Similar way, cars to have a working age, in which they perform their best with creating minor effects on the environment. Manufacturers have to produce cars with respect to the pollution norms and by conducting tests, they deduce the working life of the car.

Used cars have a detrimental impact on the environment and public health

Relying on used cars can affect the environment badly as they release major harmful pollutants. These pollutants have different effects on the surroundings which are not good for the humans and the surrounding environments.

6. Toxic battery acids

The car batteries are made up of toxic materials like nickel and they are responsible to produce fumes of harmful gases as well. Most of the car users forget the timely replacement of these batteries and some indulge in burning the used batteries. On burning these batteries emits toxic fumes which can cause respiratory problems and affect the lungs.

Leaking batteries too are dangerous when the electrolyte comes in contact with the body. It badly damages the skin, eyes and other parts of the body.

7. Consume more fuel

Fuel is the major source which drives the vehicle. Cars provide mileage with respect to their engine properties and consume fuel to give better performance. The way one drives a car plays an important factor in the fuel consumption but in the case of used cars, they generally consume more fuel than the latest versions of hybrid cars.


In conclusion, cars are an essential mode of transportation and they really help a lot in reducing a major part of human efforts. But in one or the other way, cars have a major impact on the surrounding environment. In this post, you can check some negative effect of a used car on the environment.

7 Reasons Why You Should Support Eco-Friendly Local Businesses


As consumers become more eco-conscious, there is growing demand for businesses to offer ‘green’ products and services. Eco-friendly businesses are now popping up all over the place, helping to benefit local communities socially, environmentally and economically. The benefits of buying locally are generally far greater than what you’d get from buying at national shopping chains. Here are 7 great reasons why you should support eco-friendly local businesses.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

An abundance of waste products continues to fill our landfills and harm our environment. It’s more important than ever for businesses to be vigilant about recycling efforts to keep this planet clean for future generations. As a consumer, you hold the responsibility to be conscious of the products you buy, use and dispose of.

Not all products and packaging are recyclable or environmentally friendly. Shopping at local eco-friendly businesses is a sure way to lower your environmental impact. These businesses make it a priority to use responsible sourcing and manufacturing to create their products. When more people buy these locally made eco-products, these businesses will become stronger, and in turn, the products will become more accessible.

Get Products with Character

In addition to its positive environmental impact, locally-made products have a level of uniqueness that aren’t necessarily found in big national chains. While chain stores often stock products that reflect national demands, a local eco-friendly store is more likely to focus on the interests of the community.

Products from local producers allow customers to share the special characteristics of a local area with friends around the world. There’s something special about buying local products you can’t get anywhere else.

Improve the Local Economy

When you spend money at a local business, a significant amount returns to the local community. This income helps to foster economic growth and local development, benefitting everybody in your community.

Preserve the Community Well Being

Local business contribute to the heart of your community. They help to sustain vibrant town centres and connect all the people that live there. In addition to helping the economy, many local businesses make it a point to give back to charity, which benefits local organisations. By supporting these businesses, you are contributing to the greater good of your community.

There are unending environmental benefits of buying locally

Get Quality Products that Last

When you buy from local eco-friendly businesses, you know you’ll be getting quality products that last. Eco-friendly products are made to be sustainable and durable, giving you much more value for your money. It makes more sense to invest in eco-friendly products than to waste money on trendy products that will eventually need to be replaced.

Create Local Jobs

When you buy locally, you’re helping businesses to stay profitable and promoting growth within the company. A growing business can afford to hire additional employees, creating more job opportunities for the people in your community.

Get Personalised Customer Service

Local eco-friendly businesses tend to have a smaller client base compared to big national retailers. This means they are likely to go above and beyond to add more value to customer service. Local business owners make an effort to get to know their repeat customers and learn about their needs and preferences.

When you shop locally on a regular basis, you end up enjoying a personal connection that you may not get at your typical large retail stores. Overall, eco-friendly businesses provide a better shopping experience, both for you and for the planet.

As part of her efforts to live a sustainable life, Cloe makes sure to support local eco-friendly businesses in her city. After all, to quote Ralph Bicknese, “Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity”. You can check out more of Cloe’s work on Tumblr.

5 Whimsical Garden Decor Ideas with Stones and Rocks

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Gardens are a little paradise of your home where you can relax and retreat yourself with nature’s beauty. Vintage plants, colorful flowers, and exquisite landscaping will add elegance to your garden. It is the most pleasant and stimulating place of your home, which brings tranquility and comfort. To make this serene place of your house more alluring and rejuvenating, decorate it to enhance its beauty and express your creativity. It is time to get centered and looks into the garden decorations to have a joyful garden decoration experience.

You don’t need to spend extra dollars on decorating this little heaven of your home; you can have a stunning looking garden by using simple rocks and stones. Best of all, you don’t need to cover extra miles to search for them; you can find them everywhere and add beautiful elements to your garden with little effort. Just collect them and use them to embellish your garden and make it more eco-friendly. You can achieve excellent results without breaking the bank if you use discount coupons for garden accessories available at PennySaviour.

Let’s dive deep into the ideas to decorate your garden with stones, pebbles, and rocks. It’s time to take action now!

Create an appealing curb appeal with dazzling stepping stones

It is the most excellent way to boost the curb appeal of your garden by making these incredible stepping stones. You can paint the rocks in different flowers and colorful butterflies.

Moreover, you can also arrange stones in a way to design an adorable butterfly pathway. This fantastic idea will add a decorative feature to your landscape and makes it more engaging.

Incorporate the colors of fall by making painted lady bug rocks

Ladybugs can harm your lush green plants and colorful flowers. Let’s stone those bug bites. Decorate your garden with these colorful ladybugs and spread colors of fall everywhere in your garden. Your kids will also adorn these cute ladybugs.

Collect some different sized stones and then paint them into different colors, or you can paint them all red and black, it’s up to you. Now put these painted stones into the garden, or you can select a specific area and decorate it with some plants and these bugs. In this way, you will have a family of ladybugs in your garden.

Add new dimensions to your garden by making these family rock feet

Collect some nice and smooth stones and assemble them with the smaller ones. You can make stone feet according to the number of your family members.

Choose the color and size of your choice. Use construction adhesive to lock them into a specific place. This rock feet artwork will make a unique addition to your garden.

It’s time to plan a rock concert

Add a contemporary element to your garden with this jazzy piece of stone art. It will be an eye-catching décor item to spruce up your yard.

Just collect some stones long and thin and glue them perpendicular to the big one, just like as shown in the photo to give them a concert look. Now paint the stones in different colors with waterproof paint, the eyes with white color and make two little black dots on it to complete the eyes. Now the garden concert is ready to hit the grass.

Make a cozy garden bench

Sitting still in a garden is worth a thousand dimes. So it is essential to arrange a sitting area in your garden. What about making a rock bench?

You can give a more natural look to your garden by making the bench with different stones. Find multiple-sized and shaped stones. Arrange the bigger stones in the form of seating and the smaller ones to make the back seat. After assembling the rocks into a perfect bench, you can put comfy cushions to enhance its appeal; and it is all ready for you to sit and relax in peace.

Try these incredible garden décor ideas and awe everyone with your creative skills.

Good luck with your decoration!   

How to Care for the Environment When You Travel

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Are you concerned about your environmental impact while travelling? There are many simple things you can do to take care of the environment on your travels. Going green may take a little effort at first, but with every trip you take, it will soon become second nature. Remember, you will have a greater travel experience knowing you left a positive impact on the place you are visiting. Below are few golden tips to make your next vacation more eco-friendly:

Visit Eco-Friendly Countries

As tourists become more environmentally conscious, ecotourism has become a serious priority in many parts of the world. If you want to visit a new country or landscape, look for destinations that have a reputation for being kind to the environment. Countries such as Iceland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Costa Rica, and Samoa are paving the way with ecotourism.

For example, Samoa offers a wide range of responsible tour operators. These tours encourage tourists to participate in fun Samoa activities like biking events, running races, snorkelling, and scuba diving without compromising the environment.

Stay at Eco-Friendly Accommodation

Making informed choices about where you stay is a key step in becoming a sustainable traveller. Instead of opting for the most appealing tourist hotel, prioritise finding good-quality accommodation that also works to protect the environment.

A growing number of hotels have begun to adopt eco-friendly practices such as recycling programs, energy efficient lighting and water conservation schemes. These hotels are making a positive difference for the environment, so it’s important to support them whenever possible.

Support Green Tour Companies

Like green hotels, many tour companies are taking an eco-friendly approach to tourism. Green tour companies aim to give visitors a fun travel experience while still caring for the environment and economy. Before booking a tour, do your research about the company’s environmental practices and ethics.

Walk, Bike or Take Public Transport

When exploring a new destination, reduce your carbon footprint by travelling via bus, bike or foot instead of a private car to minimise your environmental impact. Participating in local running races and exploring bike trails will also provide further opportunities to experience the culture at a slower pace and mix with the locals.

Pack Reusable Items 

It’s your responsibility as a sustainable traveller to be conscious of the products you use and dispose of. Avoiding the use of plastic is essential. Bring reusable shopping bags with you on your trip so that you don’t have to rely on plastic bags.

Strive to leave a positive impact on the place you are visiting.

Similarly, bring your own reusable water bottles and containers to avoid going through tonnes of plastic ones. Some cafes even let you bring your own re-reusable mugs, so take these with you as often as you can.

Reduce Your Energy Use

Minimising your everyday energy use is one of the easiest things you can do to protect the environment, yet is something so many travellers don’t bother to do. Simple practices such as avoiding long showers, turning off lights and unplugging electronics whenever you leave the room, and minimising your use of heating or air-conditioning can ensure a more eco-friendly travel experience.

If you’re not staying at an eco-friendly hotel, be extra vigilant about this. Treat the hotel like you would treat your home. For instance, ask yourself if it is really necessary to use the laundry and cleaning service every day. Ask the hotel to only wash your linens and towels when necessary, as you would at home. Every traveller who follows these small changes is making a real difference to the planet.

About the Author

Cloe Matheson is a freelance writer from Dunedin, New Zealand who enjoys traveling as much as she loves writing. She has produced articles for travel sites such as Active Asia after being captivated by the charm, color, and beauty of Cambodia last year. You can find more of her work here.

7 Top Tips To Follow While Caring For Your Printer

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Printers have touched our lives in one or the other way since we have been subjected to the use of it. A printer has numerous benefits for home user and businessmen. It makes work easier and helps in promoting our products and businesses. A printer is an investment that ought to last at least 5-10 years when used moderately. Printers have many brand and models manufactured by reputed companies from all across the world.

Even after purchasing a printer it will continue to cost you money since the high quality images will require a regular supply of ink, toners, cartridges, fusers, drums and other important parts which might suffer wear and tear in the course of the working of the printer.

For printers especially the branded ones ink/toner cartridge such as OKI 44469805 and Brother TN155BK compatible spare parts should be kept handy where they are being used no stop. All these printer accessories are expensive and need to be replaced after being in use for a long time. In simple words, after purchasing a printer one requires occasional maintenance and repairs. As a printer user we always try to save money on printer repairs. Proper care is the best idea to keep your printer in good condition.

Here are a few important printer caring tips that will help you to prolong your printer life and save your money on printer repairs.

Don’t use low quality paper

Avoid using cheap dusty paper because it is very harmful for your printer. It can damage your printer’s rollers because it is responsible to create unnecessary paper dust throughout your printer. In case you fail to use quality paper while getting the print outs you will need to spend a bit of money to service and replace the rollers of your printer. You can use plastic containers to protect your paper from humidity. It is important since humidity affect your prints results badly.

Choose the right cartridge

We all know that a printer cartridge can be quite expensive. That’s a good reason why many people will opt for low quality and low price cartridges. However it is not the right thing to do because a low quality cartridge not only gives you poor prints results but it can also damage your printer’s internal sensitive parts.

Therefore, choose right cartridge according your printer needs is very necessary to get high quality print results. It is also helpful to maintain your printer in a good condition for a long time.

Ensure regular use of printer

It is necessary for your printer to work perfectly that you use it regularly. If you have untouched your printer for many days then it might create many problems for your printer like dry ink and your printer might clog from the head. Regular use of the printer will keep it in great working conditions.

Avoid stand-bye mode

It is one of the most important tip to care for your printer however it is also one of the most ignored ones. Always remember when your printer is turned on, it generates a lot of hits which is a cause of dry ink and also clogs your printer head. That is why; it is a good idea to turn your printer off when you are not using it.

Clean the printer head

It is also very important to get the best prints results. Unclean printer head creates many problems, it can create marks on theprint out with white lines or images that have missing ink. Thus, you need to clean your printer head properly. First you need to remove the cartridge carefully and then clean it and after cleaning the printer head to dry completely before fixing it back.

Choosing the right location

Don’t keep your printer in direct sunlight and moist places because moisture can damage your printer’s electronic parts and over-heating can lead to slower output and malfunctions. When you keep your printer in your office and home then always leave a space of approximately 12 cm around the printer since it allows air to flow through the cooling and exhaust fans and it is very helpful to maintain your printer’s health.

Remove dust and debris

Regular cleaning of dust and debris from your printer is very necessary because both are a major cause for a jammed printer, dry ink, lined pages and poor printouts. It also affects your work productivity. You can read the manufacturer’s instructions to clean dust and debris from your printer. Different brand printers recommend different materials to clean the dust and debris from your printer it is better to follow them instead of going with general cleaning material.


Remember every printer is perfect. Every printer just needs some care to keep it in good condition. By following all these tips you can easily keep your printer efficient, clean and well-maintained without spending too much money.

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