10 Creative Ways to Use Roof Tiles in Home Décor

Homeowners are always interested in making their homes more beautiful. Many people spend a hefty amount on upgrading their interiors. However, few homeowners and families think of using old and outdated material to upgrade the decoration of their homes.

During a renovation of the up-gradation of interiors, people throw many items and replace them with new ones. However, it is possible to make use of that old stuff to enhance the décor of your homes. You can use the roof tiles to create decorative items in your home.

Check these DIY tips to use roof tiles for home decoration.

1. Use roof tiles in your garden

Homeowners can use their old roof tiles in their garden to support flowerbeds. You don’t need them for small garden beds, but raised flowerbeds need support. Roof tiles can provide perfect support to the soil in flowerbeds and also create a beautiful boundary for them. You can paint the tiles to create a colorful appeal for your flowerbeds.

2. Create Planters

You can easily create planters for your plants using curved roof tiles. It is easy to make them using curved tiles, but you can also do it with straight tiles. You can use four straight tiles to create walls of a planter and one tile to create a base. In the case of curved tiles, you can join them to create round cylindrical planters for your plants. You can join the tiles using concrete or an epoxy adhesive. Don’t forget creating a hole at the base of every planter for outlet of access water in the soil.

Tip – You can fill a single curved planter with some soil to plant succulents without the need to create a planter.

3. Use slate slabs on a wall

You can use the slate slabs on a wall in your living room or outdoor space. The slate slabs on a wall can create a retro look for your interiors as well as exteriors. You can use them on a wall in your room or outdoor spaces like a patio, garden, or near the entry gate. Homeowners can also paint the slate slabs to change their color, but they look best unpainted and create a rustic look in any area.

4. Create a painting for walls

Homeowners can paint beautiful designs on roof tiles and hand them on a wall in their room. You can use both the straight and curved tiles for painting. There are millions of designs available online that you can choose from to paint your tiles. Moreover, painted tiles look beautiful and decorative in the living room as well as bedrooms. You can also use them in outdoor areas like patio, verandah, or a deck.

Roof Tiles Painting

5. Lighting shades

Every family needs shades for lights in their rooms. Although there are a variety of lampshades available in the market, you can create with roof tiles. To create lampshades from your tiles, you need to drill holes in them or create other designs using a tile cutter. The tiles to be used for making lampshades should not be too heavy as you need to hand them on a wall. It is best to use lightweight tiles as they are easy to hang on nails and lighting structures.

6. Fireplace

It is best to use the rustic slate tiles on the fireplace in your living room. Slate tiles can handle the heat very easily and offer your fireplace a rustic look. Wooden brown or red color tiles look fantastic on your fireplace. These tiles also enhance the visual appeal of your living room that is sure to gain admiration from guests.

7. Create a walled garden

You can use the roof slab tiles on an outdoor wall to create a walled garden. Then you can install shelves or any other fixtures for supporting the planters. Homeowners can install any type of planters to create a walled garden in their house. The slab tiles look fantastic as they create a beautiful contrast with the green plants and colorful flowers.

8. Use slabs in pathways

The roof slab tiles can be used in the pathways in your outdoors. If you have a driveway or pathway in your house, you can use the flat roof tiles on them. However, to use them on the driveways, your tiles should be strong enough to tolerate the load of vehicles. Most roof tiles can tolerate the weight of people without breaking. Therefore, you can use them without worries on the pathways in your garden and other outdoor areas.

Roof Tiles Pathway

9. Sheds for your windows

Many homeowners face the problem of rainwater entering from doors and windows. Creating a shed above the doors and windows can help solve this problem. You can use flat roof tiles to create a shed on the doors and windows of any house. When rainwater falls on the tiles, it slides along the slope and falls away from the windows. The water slides down to fall on the ground keeping your doors and windows safe from rain.

10. Place bottles in a rack

Bottles can roll anytime when placed on a flat surface. Therefore they need a base that can hold them in place and prevent them from rolling. You can use roof tile with a wave design in a rack and place the glass or plastic bottles on the same. It will keep the glass bottles from rolling down and breaking. Placing the roof tiles with waves under the bottles can save expensive liquids from spilling.

Final Words

These are some creative ways to use roof tiles for home decoration. You can use the old roof tiles to decorate your home in innovative ways. However, if the tiles on your roof are not worn, it is better to paint them instead of replacing them with new ones. Homeowners can hire professional services like roof painting Brisbane to paint their roof tiles and make them appear as new. Following these ideas can help homeowners and families to make the best use of old roof tiles and enhance the value of their homes.