Rising Up: Top Software Development Companies Making Waves in Brazil

Brazil is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the software development industry. Companies worldwide are clamoring to set up shop in this burgeoning market, and for a good reason. With a highly skilled workforce and a growing economy, Brazil is poised to become a major player on the global stage. But which companies are leading the charge? Here are some of the top software development companies making waves in Brazil.

1. UDS Tecnologia

UDS Tecnologia is a global leader in the software development industry. Founded in Brazil, the company has grown to encompass over 150 employees. UDS is lauded for its comprehensive approach to client needs and employs specialized ‘squads’ of professionals to better deliver on digital products and web systems.

Their renowned clients include DHL, Yamaha, and Calvin Klein, showcasing their impressive accomplishments. No matter what kind of software project you have in mind, UDS will surely deliver exemplary results with precision and efficiency.

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The rate of USD Tecnologia ranges from $25-49 per hour, and they don’t take projects smaller than $10,000. Suppose you wish to hire them or similar software development companies in Brazil. In that case, you can always contact intermediary companies that deal with Brazilian software developers and find someone who suits your needs.

2. Poatek

Poatek is a software development company with offices in Brazil, the US, and Portugal that specializes in providing customized software solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Their versatile suite of services includes UX design, software development, and staff augmentation. Their teams have helped provide IT transformations to clients such as Deskfy, LifeKee, and Grow+. Poatek takes a minimum project size of $25,000 and offers an hourly rate of $50 to $99 – making them accessible to both startups and established firms.

Some of their most well-known clients include LifeKee and NR Investments. With over 200 engineers on the team, Poatek is able to handle any project with agility and flexibility while ensuring they deliver outstanding results.

3. Ateliware

Ateliware offers top-notch software development services that provide high-class custom digital products. Since 2011, they have been based in Curitiba, Brazil, and in the past few years, have achieved an impressive employee retention rate – a testament to their high quality of work. With 19 clients on average, Ateliware is considered a reliable partner for many businesses and startups. These include big names such as Amazon, Syba, and ElephantSkin, who have all taken advantage of Ateliware’s complete product lifecycle and claim any intellectual property rights over the resulting solutions.

Focused on meeting the specific needs of their customers, Ateliware ensures each collaboration is tailored to each individual company’s requirements. The hourly rate of this company starts at $50 and can be as high as $99. They take projects as small as $10,000 and above.

4. Dev.Pro

With offices across the world and flexible working hours to suit any time zone, Dev.Pro is one of the best software development companies in Brazil. Founded in 2011 as an American business, they specialize in global partnerships, building software products tailored to their client’s needs. At Dev.Pro, it doesn’t matter if you are a startup or enterprise company; they have a team that can match whatever size project you have – from five to fifty developers – and always prioritize themselves around client relationships. With expertise in industries such as fintech, retail, restaurant-tech, healthcare, and more, this is an ideal partner for Brazilian companies who want innovative solutions for their business challenges.

They have over 750 employees, and their hourly rate ranges from $50 to $99. Projects Dev.Pro takes must be $50,000 or larger, and some of their most well-known clients include Heartland, GlobalPayments, and Salesloft.

5. Objective

Founded in 1995, Objective is one of Brazil’s leading software development companies; since 2017 they’ve also had a presence in the United States. With over 500 employees, they offer custom software development services to deliver high-quality IT solutions to their clients.

Every project undertaken is managed with precision and care, from the development stage all the way through to maintenance, ensuring a safe and reliable process. From small projects to more complex ones, Objective provides expertise and resources for any scale at competitive prices ranging from $25-49 per hour.

Global brands such as Honda, Salesforce, and Mercedes have been beneficiaries of Objective’s services, but whatever the size or scope of your business’s needs – Objective has something for everyone.

6. CI&T

Through its proven track record of 25 years, CI&T has positioned itself as the go-to partner for software development projects worldwide. Hailing from Brazil, the company has blossomed into a truly global organization with offices across nine countries, servicing more than 6000 customers.

Through their commitment to impact-based strategies and client-centric designs, CI&T has secured noteworthy partnerships with brands such as Lenovo, Foot Locker, and Global Fashion Group – proving their versatility in tackling both large and small-scale projects alike.

Those wanting to take advantage of CI&T’s stellar reputation must be ready to commit to projects worth at least $100,000 for them to show off why they are one of the best software development companies around.

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7. BairesDev

BairesDev is setting a new standard for software development companies in Latin America. Founded in 2009 by experienced engineers and with offices throughout the region, BairesDev has quickly become one of the top platforms in its area. They employ professional engineers and require that they are all fluent in English, making them perfect for those looking to work with an international team.

Additionally, their ability to work across multiple time zones ensures ease of integration, perfect for companies working in-house as well as startups. As a result, it’s no surprise that businesses, both large and small, are rapidly turning to BairesDev if they want access to the best engineers from this part of the world.

With more than 3500 people on board, BairesDev has worked with Apple, Microsoft, and Google to show their expertise level. Their hourly rate range varies with different projects, and the minimum size of the project they will take is $50,000.

In conclusion, there are a variety of software development companies in Brazil that can provide innovative solutions for any business challenge. Whether you’re looking to partner with an experienced team such as Dev.Pro or Objective, or want access to the best engineers from Latin America through BairesDev, each company has its own unique strengths and capabilities that make them ideal for different types of businesses.

No matter what size project you have – whether it’s five developers or fifty – these Brazilian software development companies offer competitive prices and proven track records so your projects will be handled safely and reliably. With their expertise in industries ranging from fintech to retail, they’re sure to help bring your ideas into reality!