9 Tips on How to Build Links Effectively

A good affordable SEO practice is to get a good number of sites that link to your content, but not just having a large number of links pointing to your site (known as backlinks), these links need to have quality first and foremost. Below are some tips for building effective backlinks with an affordable SEO services. The quality of these backlinks is based on several factors. To get more information  about the SEO service visit Glamyseoservice.com

1. Authority Site Linking to Your Site

The authority of a given site is critical to the quality of the backlink, the more authority it has, the better the value of its link. For a site to have authority on a particular subject, it needs some prerequisites, some of which are age of domain, the quality of your links, the size of the site and focused content.

2. Page Rank (PR)

Page Rank is a measure of Google’s popularity based on how the site links to other sites in the same area, currently a site’s PR has not been considered by many to be one of Google’s top ranking factors, but still has its importance. The higher the page rank of a site linking to your site, the better its quality. So get your page rank using an affordable SEO services company.

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3. Link Position on Page

The position of the link (to your site) on the page also determines its quality, it is best if the link is in the main content of the page. Links in sidebars or footers usually don’t have much relevance to Google. So it would be best if the site linking to yours puts the link within the content and it may have context relevance.

4. Number of outbound links on page

It is not enough to just place the link within the main content of the site if that page has dozens of external links. The more links, the more sites that will share Link Juice. So the fewer outbound links the page linking to your site has, the better.

PageRank Link Juice is the PageRank portion of a given page that is distributed among other pages linked by it, which may be internal or external to the site in question. For example, consider that a page has a PageRank value of 4 and has 16 links. Thus, for each link will be transferred the equivalent of a 0.25

5. Number of links pointing to your site

Although quality is a prime factor, we should not ignore quantity. The more links a site has pointing to it, in this case a page of the site, the better it will be ranked on Google. But remember that quality is critical, so the better is that the more pages of sites with high PR (the maximum value is 10), the better the page being worked on SEO will rank.

Today social factors are more important than pagerank of a website, but take these tips into consideration, they still matter a lot in this game.

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6. Relevance

Relevance as already said plays an important role in SEO. After all what good is your website that talks about programming having a link pointed to it from a website that talks about chicken recipes? Most likely, search engines will not consider this link and it will do no good to build such a link building strategy. Change the focus! Build links and relationships with related websites.

7. Anchor Text

If you can, prevent people (responsible for the site linking to yours) from creating links with anchor text such as “click here” or “learn more here”. Links like this <a href=”URL to your site that talks about »> article </a> are not much use, try contacting the site owner and suggest a switch.

From:… To learn more about SEO this <a href=”URL of your site that talks about <br> article </a> can help…

To:… to learn more about SEO the article “ <a href=”URL from your website that talks about> SEO Services Operations – Part 1 </a> ” can help…

It is very important to target the anchor text to the keywords that I know website is working on SEO. Depending on the size of the site this involves the content officer, content or SEO agencies, press offices, all of these are responsible for suggesting the best anchor text for your site.

But here is an important tip, create variations of the anchor text, search engines do not really like links always with the same anchor text which I can characterize as anchor text spam.Just look for an affordable SEO services to rank your site.

8. Nofollow links

Nofollow links make sure the link pointing to your site has the rel = nofollow attribute, if it has that attribute, it means that this link will not serve to give your site authority, because what it is telling Google is that it will not be credible and part of your link juice to your site.

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But if it is not possible to revert this so that the site passes authority (removing the link attribute), leave it as it is, after all it is always better to have a link pointing to your site and bringing new visitors than not having any links at all. Do you agree?

9. Neighborhood

Check which sites your site is linking to, this is also important, because if the site you are linking to is associated with sites of dubious reputation, this will certainly not help you in terms of ranking and will probably even get in the way. So be aware of this factor. So avoid clusters of websites or free directory sites.

The link building process is a slow and complex process, several factors influence the ranking of your site. These were some of the factors that I consider of utmost importance.