10 Simple Ways to Get Backlinks to Your Blog

There is a difference between writing a blog and getting traffic. You cannot rate a submitted post as successful if enough people are not reading it. This challenge is faced mostly new blog writers. It is quite hard to convince readers when you are new in the online arena. Backlinks make a serious difference to the impact that a blog creates. Having access to a good backlink maker is a mandatory requirement in this case.

If strong and well known websites are connected to your blog, a large count of people would automatically come your way. However, getting backlinks is not that simple after all. Reputed domains that are open to establishment of these business relations have a long list of conditions. However, easier alternatives exist as well.

Let us have a quick glance at 10 smart methods on how to get backlinks to your blog:

1. Using skyscraper content in the post naturally

Skyscraper content usually has a competitive feel to it. For instance, using the phrase “All top notch SEO techniques this year” is a link that no one would ignore. If you have it in the blog post, people would stop to check the list. As a result, the readers would go through what you have written.

2. Guest posts with natural link insertion

Guests posts are submitted on another website from where a backlink has to be attained. For instance, suppose that a reputed web page is permitting guest submission. The next step is preparing top notch content and making a submission. Being hasty can result in instant rejection which no blog writer wants.

To begin with, go through the conditions and regulations that the website has. Each of these web pages have a proper set of preferences. Giving a promotional feel to the content is a big blunder which most writers commit. When you are submitting the link of your website, make sure that it is done naturally.

3. Getting cited on a news website

This is a fast way to get backlinks. A news website has more traffic than other categories. Through this option, you need to cite your link as a source on one of these websites. When readers are skimming through news, they do click the source links to gather details. Hence, in this way, a good reader count would end up on your page.

4. Reporting broken links to get powerful backlinks

When it comes to one of the common ways to get backlinks, reporting broken links is a smart way out. This option requires bloggers to survey a bit. Go through websites that have broken links and they are unaware of them. By providing content, you can make them aware of the situation and acquire a reputed backlink to your own website.

how to get backlinks

5. Analyzing competitor links

If you have a website dealing in winter clothing, your competitors would belong to the same business sector as well. Through this option, a competitor analysis has to be done. You need to survey and check the backlinks which brands competing have and you don’t. Once you have compiled the links, get in touch with each of them and acquire backlinks. Being aware of other brands that are a part of the race is important.

6. Content promotion is important

How would people know about your content if it is not well known? Using the relevant modes for promotion is important. Social media is one of the strongest platforms for marketing content. Publishing information on Facebook and other similar channels can help to get free backlinks. A free backlink generator may also be helpful in generating quality backlinks.

7. See pages that have your competitors

Simply getting a good free backlinks submitted is not sufficient to attain the best results. A lot has to be done including competitor analysis. Go through the pages which have links to the websites of your competitors but not yours. This is a good tip to indicate backlinking options you are missing out.

8. Customer testimonials pay off

Do you know that writing user testimonials is a good way to get backlinks? A lot of people are not aware of this fact. Register yourself on websites offering products / services related to your niche and submit testimonials on them. The link to your website should be inserted in a natural way. In other words, it should not seem that any kind of promotion is being done.

9. Providing information on untapped content areas

All bloggers are not able to cover everything related to the niche they are connected to. You can use a comparison technique to see what others have missed in terms of content provision. Readers are always on the lookout for unique content. Offering fresh information to them is a strong methodology of getting quality backlinks.

10. Creating infographics and sharing them

It is a fact that visual content gets noticed more than written text. If you have a paragraph to read, it is unlikely for every user to go through it completely.  The same cannot be said for text based content. If someone does not find the introduction catchy, he would not bother going through each line.

Sharing infographics is a strong way of getting backlinks to the actual website. Most people show interest in them as they are explanatory. To get the maximum traffic count on your home page, posting them on social media platforms is a smart strategy.


When you talk about factors that help a website in growing and progressing, acquiring backlinks is among the important ones. If you are connected to high standard websites, people would automatically visit you online.

There are several productive tips for getting backlinks. For instance, you can prepare a guest post for the website you wish to connect with. The link should be inserted in a natural manner so that the flow does not get ruined.  High standard backlink generators have to be used to get connected to the best websites