7 Top Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement

In the world of social media marketing, we always want more followers, likes, shares, retweets, pins, and hearts. Lots and lots of red hearts! Isn’t that the whole point? To grow your business, get the word across within your potential followers and customers, keep people engaged, connect with influencers, generate leads and ultimately conversions. All leading to just one thing and one alone… REVENUE!

But why do we find it really hard to earn those likes and retweets, organically, on which the future of your company depends? You may think that there is some secret formula using which you can increase your social media engagement. But no. There is no such thing as ‘magic’ when it comes to social media marketing. Just common sense, a few social techniques and a ray of sunshine, is all that you need.

how to increase social media engagement

Even though, we often hear the word ‘social engagement’ but only a few companies know how to actively and successfully achieve it. No matter, the frequency at which we are publishing posts, but see little to no engagement. It’s not a child’s play! In order to get engagement on your social media posts, they have to be, ‘engaging’. Sending out invites to random people, to like your page, is not effective as you initially anticipated? That is why we have some ‘spells’ through which you can boost engagement on your social media accounts. But first…

Our definition of Social Media Engagement

Engagement is not when a single potential customer accepts your page-like request, or ‘haha’ your post. Engagement is building strong and ever-lasting relationships. It’s about building trust, it’s about connecting your brand with people, emotionally, associate with each other and make them readily share your content.

Additionally, when you interact with your community on a regular basis, you are not only building relationships but also… it is a pre-requisite for profits and conversions. In order to achieve that, make sure your ‘content is the king’. If not, it’s time you change your content marketing strategies and hear your business roaring.


social media engagement

Make good use of the following strategies to boost your social media engagement and improve your brand awareness and identity.

1. More Pictures, PLEASE!

Visuals are one of the most important and powerful tools to help you increase your engagement on social media as they are much more likely to be engaged. Not only pictures, use ‘visuals’. As much as you can! Fill your profile with cats and dogs, kittens and mittens, we don’t care. Just give users something engaging. May it be a video or a simple yet educational infographic and GIFS!

According to a study, visuals increase the interaction rate on Facebook by 85% and increase the shares of such content by 35%.

Why imagery? We tell you why! Good design always catches the eye, thus increasing the interaction on social media posts! The power of visual storytelling is… unique and surprising! Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook… Share a photo to stir up excitement and engagement.

Our advice: Don’t be boring! Use bright colors in your designs, go big and bold in fonts, use illustrations, isometric designs… just follow these 2019 design trends and give a cohesive look and feel to your feed; Always leave your users with wanting more.

2. Any question? No question? Good question

Why are you afraid of asking questions? Because you are paranoid and are scared of any negative and contradicting answer you might get? Then, don’t be! Freely ask your potential buyers for their opinion. Ask them to give their feedback and reviews.  Now feedback can be negative. At least it is driving engagement. (Bonus tip: Make sure to handle all the negative comments sensibly. Don’t let it spread like a virus and affect your brand image in a bad way).

Use social media polls to your benefit. Do you remember the posts where you ask your followers to ‘like for tea’, ‘comment for coffee’? Do that often! This way you will able to identify your potential leads and engage in the conversation that may ensure full-fledged conversion.

3. Crack ‘em up with a joke

Now, this depends from brand to brand. If your company can afford humor, go for it. If it’s ‘strictly corporate’, we suggest you don’t mess it up!

Many businesses thrive due to the creative content that they share with their audience. We understand, sometimes, it can be pretty hard to get your follower’s attention. Intentionally, people tend to scroll past social stories and posts that don’t precisely interest them. And why not?  However, on the other hand, when you make good and positive use of humor, you are adding value to your business.

This kind of content is bound to make people laugh and who doesn’t love jokes! We know, we do. It gives a very positive and healthy image of your brand, thus increasing social media engagement and shares. Why? Simply because it gave them a good laugh.

Use jokes, use puns, use one-liners. Build rapport with your audience with light-hearted humor and fun. (Bonus tip: Try not to offend anyone with the insensitive or political humor. No racism).

4. Give ‘em lots and lots of ‘50 % offs’

 It is considered to be an old-fashioned approach but as attractive as ever.

Promotions, incentives, giveaways, loyalty programs… all are a great way to fire up your engagement. Offer your new customers something to retain like a 25% discount, sounds like a sweet deal or a free Starbucks for a day. Surprise them with a giveaway, then see your post spread like fire through your social platforms.

Ask people to share an image using a hashtag. Ask them to tag their friends, expanding your reach. Nowadays, people love hashtags, use this approach and see how quickly people engage with your content. But make sure, whichever technique you choose, it link back to your brand directly or indirectly. Here you have to plan it strategically.

5. Respond to queries in a jiffy

We advise you to instantly engage with any customer query you receive. Make them feel valued instead of dragging it for longer times. Responding quickly and appropriately to social comments and queries can not only help you increase your engagement, but also help with customer loyalty and retention. Which is said to be the ultimate goal!

6. User-generated content helps, too!

Promote third party content! Yes, we know what you must be thinking, but trust us, sometimes it helps. It doesn’t have to be much, just an article or two. To bring something different to your feed. It’s probably the easiest way to get as much content on your profile as possible. This way, you’ll be able to attract the audience to your page, and that’s a success.

Also, when you share content from external sources, they are likely to do the same for you by tweeting or sharing your post. It sort of creates a buzz and the engagement multiplies!

Better yet, happy customers are talking about it? Share or re-tweet instantly. (Bonus tip: Third-party  content should be gold and of high quality and trending)

7. Our favorite: Express it with an Emoji ?

In order to be precise and clear about your tone. Express it with an emoji! As it gives users a clear idea of what you are feeling. It makes our language better. So don’t be afraid of using them in your posts, from time to time.

Bonus tips (Because we care for you):

  • Include a call-to-action either visit our website or message us etc.
  • Personalize your response, be human, keep the use of chatbots to the minimum.
  • Engage with the latest trends.
  • Use hashtags.
  • Regularly connect with people relevant to your industry, including influencers.

Have you used any of these techniques before? How helpful were they? Let us know in the comments below.