What is Social Traffic? Everything You Need to Know

Social traffic is a term covering all types of web traffic (the number of visitors) coming to your website or page from social media networks. It’s an extremely important metric in this day and age, when social media plays a large role in our lives.

How to track Social Media Traffic

Popular services such as Google Analytics do the job perfectly. There are also various alternative solutions, some of which provide even more detailed analysis. There’s also so-called “dark social media traffic,” which isn’t registered as social media traffic by the tools since it’s shared in private using various messengers, SMS, or IRC channels.

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How different is it from search engine traffic?

Social media users are generally more passive compared to those who come from direct search. The latter usually know what they are looking for and may be familiar with your niche. The users of social media can find your website in their feeds by chance. This means that focusing on this type of traffic can help you reach a much wider audience than you could before. It also means that the percentage of visitors will be smaller. Unless you build a community around your product or service,

Building an Audience

Getting a community of enthusiasts and clients interested in what you offer can be beneficial. Happy clients and people interested in your niche can become a loyal audience that will buy your services, products, and offers on a regular basis. In this case, a small, dedicated community can be even better than a large one full of people who are more passive about your ideas and solutions. But social media also shines when you try to distribute your content to a larger audience.

Wider Distribution

If you’re planning to focus on a wider audience instead of building only a dedicated community of actively engaged clients, social media can help you with this tactic as well. We already mentioned that you can use it to attract people who are more passive and not interested in your niche from the start. It’s also worth mentioning that if one person or community shares your post and it gets popular, you can see the number of your followers grow significantly.

Viral Content

Another tactic is producing content specifically tailored for social media. It will generally get more views and have a higher chance of becoming actively viewed and quite popular.

how to generate social media traffic

How to Generate Social Media Traffic

There are fully organic ways to boost your social media traffic, such as those described above. You can also try to use free web traffic generators that will help you improve the metric. One example is SparkTraffic. It supports 43 countries and is compatible with Google Analytics and Adsense. The service doesn’t provide fully organic traffic; instead, it offers automated solutions, so keep that in mind. It also works with social traffic. The free version works for one day; the paid one starts at $5.99.


As is clear from the article, there are many different ways to improve this metric, both organic and not. You can go about boosting your social media SEO parameters by producing viral content, building a community around your product, or targeting a wide audience. You can also use various generators to boost the metric in a non-organic manner. No matter what you do, it’s pretty obvious that social media traffic is important in this day and age.