Salman Zafar would be happy to hear from one and all for expert consultation, mentorship, business collaboration, discussions, knowledge-sharing and other types of cooperation.

(1) General Public: Please dont hesitate to contact him for any information, data, informal consultation, guidance, mentorship and related tasks

(2) Private Companies: As an advisor and consultant with rich experience and vast expertise, Salman Zafar would be happy to help private companies in waste management, waste-to-energy, biomass energy, recycling, CSR, environmental education, sustainability and subjects.

(3) Academic Institutions and Research Organizations: Salman Zafar shall be glad to help students and researchers in their projects and assignments. He is also open to being considered as a guest/adjunct faculty in academic institutions.

(4) Government Agencies: Salman Zafar would be happy to assist government agencies in policy making, strategy, implementation and related tasks.



Phone: +91-999 796 3312

WhatsApp: +91-999 796 3312

Skype: salman.alg



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