3 Useful Automation Tools for Online Marketing

When you know what you’re doing, SEO becomes much easier – but then it’s just hard work. Luckily, we have modern tools to make our lives a little easier. Even better than merely having tools; we now have automated tools that will effectively handle much of the grunt work on our behalf. This allows us to put the energy where it really gives us leverage: into finding creative solutions.

Let’s look at some of the most popular and useful marketing automation tools that you can start using now to potentiate your online marketing efforts while preserving your energy and time.

1. Backlink Portfolio Management

Effective link building is a cornerstone of all effective SEO campaigns. But it’s no longer a numbers game of amassing as many quality links as possible; it’s now also a game of carefully curating your existing backlink portfolio, to make sure all links are serving your cause rather than undermining it.

This means you now have to be extra careful to not only amass authoritative links pointing back to your website. You have to make sure those links are properly managed and remain pristine. You now have to be very careful about negative SEO, which simply means you have to be aware that a bad link will do much harm.

So, you will have to keep sorting through your link portfolio to make sure all those backlinks are passing nutritious link juice, rather than toxic vibrations. Bad links must be continuously weeded out. Doing this by hand will be boring and time-consuming. This is why you will be wise to find a good automated tool to manage your link portfolio on your behalf – and trim down on the less desirable links, according to your specified parameters.

2. Social Media Posting

Similar to upkeeping your link portfolio, social media posting is an essential yet burdensome task of modern SEO. Surely you know that it’s extremely important to keep posting content regularly to your accounts. But did you know there are many tools that you can use to do the legwork, while you do something else?

social media automation tools

No one really trickles out their social media posts into the web, anymore. The standard industry practice now involves doing concentrated efforts where you pre-publish your social media content in a single sitting, then program a tool to keep dripping out those posts at the right moment.

This isn’t only time-saving; it will also allow you to really leverage your efforts and do focused work that will turn out to be of higher quality than if you were to randomly go about on a whim, posting to your social media channels when inspiration strikes.

You can still post whenever inspiration strikes; just make sure you first take the time to schedule the bulk of the content, so you won’t have to waste energy thinking about what to post when you have other things to do.

3. Automated outreach campaigns

All digital marketers know the money is in the list. Trouble is, the list can get unwieldy very quickly as it grows, especially when it involves different aspects and variables. Luckily, you now have automated solutions to manage your outreach campaigns. Whether you’re looking to contact your previous clients asking for reviews, reaching out to new prospects or looking for guest post opportunities – you no longer need to go about doing this manually.

automation tools online marketing 1

Not unless you have too much time on your hands, and a shortage of better things to do. No one really does these things manually. There are software solutions available that will allow you to set up massive outreach campaigns by adjusting a few variables and releasing the virtual hounds out into the wild, wild web.

These kinds of tools will allow you to outperform a team of virtual assistants on your own, simply by using your intelligence and unique insights to instruct the tools on how to operate according to your own vision.

Final thoughts

We’re not mentioning specific tools since this isn’t about endorsing any brands. It’s about letting you know there are many tools out there like attribution modeling that will make your digital marketing so much easier. The point of this article is to help you see you have many options now available that will allow you to potentiate your work. We trust you found this useful. It’s now up to you to find your favoured alternatives for each of the automated marketing tools listed here. Start looking now, and you’ll see there is no shortage of options available.