3 Best Marketing Cases Of 2022

Due to the fact that the modern world is oversaturated with information noise, it is extremely difficult for marketing specialists to convey their messages to the target audience. Such difficulties make the work of marketers stressful, and watching it only becomes more interesting! From here we see so many interesting creative cases, fresh innovative exhibitions and famous names of the marketing sphere! Let’s see what catching eye things 2022 has already shown us, despite the fact that it is not over yet!

$200 for Advertising on Twitter in 3 days

To begin with, it is important to note that Twitter ranks 3rd in the ranking of the leading social networks in the world. More than 300 million people are registered in this social network, of which only 40 percent are considered active. Another very important marketing point is that Twitter Ads prohibits the promotion of sexual content. This is significant for the case in question, since the case is related to dating for adults.

For the development of advertising, the author of the case chose Australia as a geographical location. Created a live account of the girl. After that, the marketer went to Ads Twitter Manager and created an advertising campaign. The launch takes place through Autobid: Twitter itself will decide the further cost per click in order to redeem the best impressions for users. In setting up the devices, he chose Android 10 and above and iOS 10 and above, as they are used by more solvent people.

Expansion and Growth Strategies for Small Businesses

After that, the most interesting part of the work is the development of creatives. The arbitrageur created a tweet with a link that will be advertised and uploaded banners. If the user was hooked by the creative, he went to an external link in the form of a pad, where the first picture that comes across, which serves as a background, reads the question “Have you already reached your 18th birthday?” Without the slightest doubt and reflection, he pressed the “Yes” button and got to the offer.

During the test run, the author of the case received 197 visits and 132 clicks. After that, he created 3 more accounts for different emails and linked payment cards, and connected everything to the iMonetizeIt PP. As a result, the author spent $30 on an advertising campaign, and net income was $200.

Not a bad result for a minimal investment, isn’t it? If you are thinking about how you can get a lot of money with minimal investments in everyday life, we are in a hurry to tell you. Perhaps you have not thought about renting a car, but your car can bring a wonderful income simply because of its existence. By renting a car, you not only get money, but also make the lives of tourists and locals without a car easier. It doesn’t matter if you have a renting Opel in Turkey or rent super cars in Dubai, you will definitely find your client, because car rental is needed quite often.

Return on Investment of 198% with Gambling Offer to India

The case happened in the field of gambling. The author charged 0.2 cents per click. There was no setting option by location, as the platform did not provide such an opportunity. Android versions below 4 have been disabled, as some files may not be displayed on gadgets. It’s better to lose a little traffic than a lot of money. A total of less than $340 was spent on the campaign, and the profit was $671.

top marketing cases of 2022

$275 TikTok on Dating in 7 Days

The author has prepared a video to upload to TikTok. Of the tools, he used HandBrake, a program for batch video processing, and FFmpeg, a library for video processing. The author of the case used mirroring and a pink filter to enhance uniqueness. And also, at the beginning of the video he added a sound with a call to watch to the end and at the end of the video for 0.6 seconds he added a forgotten photo. After these manipulations, the webmaster uploaded the video via the Android OS without a SIM card. To change the geo you can use the apk of SocksDroid, and the sox proxy from Proxiline to US. All costs amounted to $10, net profit turned out to be $275.

Such interesting cases are highlighted by experts this year. However, let’s not stop, the year is not over yet!