5 Ways to Increase Productivity in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has attracted the attention of almost every Freelancer, especially those who want to earn passive income. But many of them lose their motivation on the way. The productivity goes on decreasing and the interest gets lost. Are you baffled between high volume products or low volume Affiliate products? How to write product reviews that can really sell and make you money? These are some questions that pop in our mind while doing Affiliate Marketing and if answered properly, can become the sole motivation for pursuing the same. Today, we will discuss some Affiliate Marketing Strategies that can Boost your Sales and Improve your Productivity:

1. Try for Less Competitive Products

Since highly competitive products have huge search volume, it is advisable to change your ship towards Low Competitive Products and get higher rankings for those. It is also not advised to write reviews for crappy products.

For example, if “Apple iPhone X reviews” has over 2,000,000 Million results in Google search while “Xiaomi Note 7S reviews” has around 500 Million results, then you can easily target the latter as there is a huge difference in their competition.

The big brands and high authority sites rank themselves high using Backlinks and Optimizing Content using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Thus, if you are a beginner, this strategy will prove to be quite fruitful for you.

2. Know the magic behind Writing Reviews

The biggest mistake while Writing a Review is that people exaggerate things while writing. The audience wants Honest Reviews which means that you should point out some cons too, in such a way that it hardly makes a difference. Be patient and write a Detailed Review which customers really want!

Apart from all this, FAQs are the final nail in the coffin. Fill your website with the Most Common Questions that might bloom inside the brains of your audience. Mention about the Unique Selling Points of the Product, Pros, Cons, etc.

3. Put up the Products in an Organized Way

Display your Products in the most lucid manner, which can be done using Tables. Display the Image of the Product, Price and Rating alongside, so that it can convince your customer to make a decision immediately. If you are not a Coder, then you can use WordPress Plugins like TablePress, Table Labs, GoPricing and Ninja Tables to make attractive Tables for the Products.

productivity in affiliate marketing

4. Give Incentives to those who Buy from You

Try offering Incentives and Freebies to those who use your Affiliate Links for Buying the Products. You can give eBooks, access to Online Courses, access to your Private Facebook Group etc. This way of Rewarding the Customers will bring them back to your Website.

5. Teach People about Your Products

Try something unique. Rather than displaying the products simply through images and writing the reviews, one unique thing can be Uploading a Video Tutorial on that Product. Video Tutorials are the best way to convince a person to buy your product.

Enlighten your Customers on “How To Use that Product” and, then embed those Affiliate links in the Video Description. Create another section with the name “In-Depth Reviews” under which you can provide all the Intricacies of the Product using the Screenshots. Under the “Compare Products” section, let your audience Compare Products by applying different filters like Price, Reviews and Company’s Name.

All these things will exponentially Boost your Affiliate Marketing Sales and your Productivity too!

Apart from the above strategies, there are some other bottleneck Issues that need to be focused upon while doing Affiliate Marketing :

  • Data is Money nowadays. Start Collecting Emails and make an Email List.
  • Apart from using SEO, start focusing on PPC (Pay Per Click) ads and perform A/B Tests on Landing Pages.
  • Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to your Affiliate
  • Infographics, Podcasts and Blog Posts will Increase Traffic too.
  • Motivate your Affiliates through a Contest.

However, if you are not following a proper strategy in Affiliate Marketing, stop thinking about making millions from this Industry. This Business requires Patience too! You can’t make a lot of bucks overnight. You have to Explore each and every channel to get Traffic. Right from using Social Media to Including the Backlinks, you have to tap every channel. Affiliate Marketing is growing at a rate of 10.1% Each Year and the Industry is worth $12 Billion. Therefore, Analytics will help you optimize your strategies. Keep an eye on those Links that are getting Maximum Hits.

With so much traffic on the web, it’s very difficult to find out which product or information is trending and will give us better results. Affiliate Marketing is all about using your strategies on all types of products. It’s about providing the best information about the products compiled in one place. I hope this article will increase your productivity in affiliate marketing!

Thank You!