8 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook and Instagram Live Videos

What would be the better option to showcase your talent, promote your brand, or to reach your ideal customer other than social media. Facebook and Instagram have totally changed the meaning of content development in this online world. Facebook says that at least 2 billion people have watched a live video on it. Video posts are growing rigorously by 94% a year in the USA alone.

This much of engagement of people is really beneficial for promoting any product or brand online. According to the survey, live videos are watched three times longer than the normal uploaded video.

Instagram is known as a platform to showcase creative or beautiful pictures, but with the launch of IG Live in 2016, this platform became vaster for the live videos. Videos on Instagram get 21.2% more attention than the pictures. 80% of the audience prefer watching videos rather than reading a blog.

optimize facebook live videos

So, where would you choose to create videos? The platform where you can get more user engagement or interaction. So here are 8 tips to optimize your Instagram  and Facebook live videos:

1. Choose a compelling title

Create a strong and interest-grabbing title that describes the subject of your video and attracts the targeted audience by which they can relate to the topic and show their interest in your video. Only the title can make or break the first attention towards the video. So you have to put keys on the title which encourage your idle audience.

2. Grab the attention of the viewers

In the first few seconds of the video, you have to grab the attention of your audience. You should strategize to turn your title into a verbal hook so that the viewers can connect and engage with the topic. If you want to buy real Instagram followers, don’t forget to check out WP Dev Shed.

Make sure that you are not trying to market yourself or to sell any product. Instead, you are trying to build a relationship with your audience or viewers that lead to creating long-lasting impressions. Before starting the video, you have to be more confident about your content.

3. Active promotion

How people come to know that you are going live on your Facebook or Instagram? There are two ways to notify your targeted audience or viewers. The first option is to turn on the “Send Notification” toggle in your video setting so that your followers get a push notification before you are going live. But this is not the way to depend on your only followers to connect with you.

You have to promote the broadcast over your social channels such as on Facebook posts, Instagram stories, and tweets. This will maximize your reach, and people can see what you are going to broadcast.

4. Encourage engagement

The comments and reactions on the live videos are an essential part that makes or breaks the audience’s engagement. With the medium of comments, responses, replies, and reactions, viewers can share their thoughts, emotions, and opinions on it. This whole contribution of the viewers to your video will encourage you to do well.

If you are getting too many comments, then you can take help from someone who is looking out for off-camera to direct you to answer the important comments.

5. Invite people to comment on the video/ Call to comment

Call your audience to comment on your live video because every comment is boosting your reach and engaging people. You do not have to ask the complicated question; just prefer to ask simple questions which has one or two-word answers.

instagram live videos

If you have a broadcast of 20-30 minutes, then you can ask 5-6 questions in it. Comments are more powerful, as viewers can relate to them. These continuous calls to comment helps your video to get more reach.

6. Create useful content that adds value to the video

Content is the vital part of the video as it gives a blast to your broadcast. Make sure your visual content can deliver excellent value and can provide fruitful information to your audience. You can create some essential points, i.e. 2-3 points or 4-5 points related to your topic that are strong, concise, and actionable by which your audience can connect, enjoy, and engage with the video.

7. Call to action

It is essential that you have to provide some call to action during the last phase of your video. This could be a reminder of your next or upcoming video to your audience. So you can ask some questions like to subscribe your YouTube channel, join the newsletter, email list, new prep guide is available for free, check the  latest YouTube videos and so on.

Call to action helps you to build your brand overall as you give a reminder to the audience to connect with you on your next video.

8. Q&A

You can hold a Q&A section at the end of the video as it is the bonus tip that can be included to increase the optimization of the live video and help you to gain massive engagement of the people. It will provide an in-depth look at your brand, and you can gain more awareness and exposure.

You can extend the limit of the videos by asking interesting or creative questions to the audience, which also helps you to connect with them and can get feedback or suggestion on your performance.