4 Different Stages of Customer Engagement

Businesses should understand that customers will always want to come back for more. However, this depends on how pleasurable their first encounter was. As a business, it is important that you stay as competitive as possible. You need to ensure that your clients think of you every time they need similar services. This article discusses the different stages of customer engagement and how you can take advantage of them.

1. Awareness

Awareness must come at the top of the marketing funnel. Make sure that you cast the net as wide as possible. At this stage, you are targeting everyone because you have not singled out a specific part of the market to target.

Where applicable, make sure that you reach people in all corners of the globe, even if it means using multiple languages. The awareness stage is more about how loud you are and how detailed whatever you are saying is. Make sure you have a well-crafted calendar to let you deliver relevant content all the time.

2. Consider the Negative

Your brand should be unique in every sense of the word. Therefore, make sure that you understand the challenges encountered by your target clients. This way, you can come up with a clear outline of the positives that your customers will get when they use your products or services.

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There are some challenges you will face, but customers are not aware that they face them. In such instances, you need to state the problems clearly and how you intend to solve them. Client engagement is highly enhanced when they are convinced that your product offers the best solution.

3. Decision-Making and Purchase

At this level, if you have been doing everything right, you will learn that the offers and follow-ups begin to make sense. Your prospects are already happy that your business exists because they enjoy the quality of service offered. To nurture their interest, you want to come up with relevant content that is focused on answering specific questions.

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If you provide spa services, for instance, you need to create content as to why it is one of the best in town. Make sure that by going through the content, your prospect has each of their questions answered.

4. Advocate

Know that your clients play a central role in ensuring the success of your business. Successful businesses understand that the relationship with clients does not end once the first deal is closed. They want to use all possible tools to convince their customers that they made the best decision by purchasing from them. Therefore, they keep them happy throughout their lifecycle because the business only grows when they come back for more deals.


Customer engagement is one of the most crucial tools. It delivers the best results, especially because the customers feel that you care for their wellbeing with the services you provide. The pointers in this piece can help you to stay ahead of your competitors. For the best results, you must start by understanding the nature of your clients and the challenges that they face. You can then present the most actionable solution.

About the Author

Ian Carroll, founder and director of Digital Funnel. They specialise in helping small and medium size businesses with lead generation and driving sales.