Vinyl vs Fiberglass Roof – An Overview

Is it finally the right time to do roof replacement? If yes, you need to take a closer look at all available options. Choose the right roofing material you believe is needed. Decide if you will buy vinyl VS fibreglass roof Thailand to cover your house.

Vinyl Roof – Cool, Good Design and Roof Reflectivity

For years, the vinyl roof is a highly-engineered and durable thermoplastic vinyl roofing membrane. It comes with its cooling properties. It also is geared at protecting buildings in different climates across the globe. It is cool and can provide economic and environmental benefits. This does not come with the installed cost premium. It does not also sacrifice any roofing performance attribute. Plus, it consists of the least amount of non-renewable and raw materials.

It is available in prefabricated panels or wide rolls. The single-ply vinyl membranes are also made up of tear and water-resistant and polymer reinforced fiberglass. The components can give the vinyl roof durability and strength. These are needed in withstanding structural movement, wind loads, thermal cycles, and temperature extremes.


A vinyl roof is a good choice for its long-term and immediate savings. It also is calculated and measured to reduce peak energy demand. Even a retrofitted vinyl membrane can deliver an almost eleven-percent decrease in air conditioning energy consumption.

It also correspondingly results in a fourteen-percent drop in the peak hour demand. No utility charges or tax benefits are considered in this case. Energy expenditures yearly are also reduced by almost 7,200 dollars.

Cool vinyl roofs can bring an impact on the energy cost. The consumption is greatly reduced during the peak power demand. This is true when the rates are the highest.

Fiberglass Roof – Highly Durable and Adaptable Roofing

The introduction of fiberglass roofs is a progression in the roofing industry. It is indeed a synthetic material. It is built to be an extremely fine glass fiber. It provides a laminate look combined with an organic resin. It is the right choice of skylights and greenhouse.

It is highly durable for being one of the strongest and most durable materials in the market. It can stand up well against harsh elements. If you will use it, it won’t worry you if it is boiled from the heat of the sun. The heat is known to fade the color of the roofing panels. It is also a tough and perfect product manufactured. It can stand the wear and tear process. Plus, the roofing material is deemed as fire-resistant. It can prevent a fire from damaging and spreading.


Buying a fiberglass roof is also impressive due to its adaptable material. It comes in different designs and colors. It can help restrict harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. It can likewise prevent extreme heating. It is designed in keeping the safety of your family. It also can best mingle with the home features.

Since it is highly durable, it is impressive as an option for roofing. It is easy for you to maintain and clean. You won’t worry if the roof becomes a victim to dust and oxidation. Extra time and money are not needed anymore for repair. Only a gentle detergent, water, & brush are needed in cleaning the roof.

Also, the fiberglass roof is versatile in its styles and colors. It is available to be installed in its upgraded look. And since it is lighter in weight than any other roofing materials, it is just fascinating and different. Its longer life period is preferred by many. It can be installed in cool region places.

Since it’s easily available in the market, it is also easily bought. If unexpected damage is faced by it, it can be fixed easily. It also saves time on the part of a roofing contractor installing it.

Be guided well in buying vinyl vs fibreglass roofs today!