How to Make Your Move a Fun

For active folk, doing a house move can be a bit of a hassle. That’s because time that would otherwise be allocated for working out may have to be allocated for moving activities. These include planning the move, packing your things, and even the move itself. With other things such as work and personal endeavors to worry about, you might not have the time for the occasional cardio or weightlifting workout. That can harm our progress for that toned body! Or can it? Turns out, there are some quick ways we can transform our move into a fun-filled exercise:

1. Walk as much as possible when you visit your new home

There’s going to be instances where you have to travel to your new home during the course of the move. Aside from the move itself, you’re likely going to have to file paperwork, meet with important people like contractors and designers, and even just get a “feel” of the entire neighborhood before you begin moving to Manhattan, or wherever your new home is.

When you do this, avoid using your car and instead rely on the commute. Not only does this familiarize you with the usual paths you have to take when commuting around your new area, but this also makes sure you get to walk. This is a great cardio exercise, and you won’t even notice you’re going at 10,000 steps or more in just a few hours!

2. Jog to nearby hardware stores for your supply run

If you need to buy packaging materials such as tape, boxes, and other storage containers, consider ditching your car and instead just walk (or even jog!) your way to the store. This is especially if it’s a place you can reach in a few minutes, as that few minutes of cardio can definitely burn a lot of calories on your end.

This is also a great way to shake off that tired feeling you might be having throughout the course of the move. Having a quick run can be an amazing way to give yourself a refresher, so you can feel hyped up and ready to get back to the packing once you get back home.

3. Do challenges with your family members and friends

If you have family and friends with you, you can turn your move into a much more fun activity by challenging each other to do “milestones” in the move. This motivates you to move faster, and therefore burn the most calories. The losing people can either treat everyone to dinner, or even do punishments in the form of exercise!

make house move a fun

4. Improve your upper body strength by lifting your belongings

One of the hardest things to do during a move is to take into account everything you own. That’s because you’ll likely do two things instead of one. First, you have to pack things you want to bring to your new home – and secondly, you have to check your house again if you did pack that object you were looking for.

To avoid confusion, designate one area of the house where all your boxes and belongings will be placed after packing. This is a great way to encourage your body to lift objects and move them around, which in itself is a good workout to help build your upper body strength and improve ankle mobility.  

5. Try to help the moving team

While it’s true that your best interstate moving companies will be the ones who should do the bulk of transport work for your move, it wouldn’t hurt to also help them move your stuff around. Not only does this help work happen faster, but it’s also a great cardio and weightlifting workout for you.

Take note that you need to use your knees when you reach your object on the ground, and you should take note of your breathing to maximize your strength as you carry things around. This is also a helpful way of taking note of things you’re bringing to your new home, and that you know where everything is placed, and that everything is accounted for.

Make Your Move Your Workout!

Who says you can’t do your workout routine during your move? With the above tips in mind, you can actually transform your move into a fun-filled activity with the right planning and the right perspective! Remember, almost any action can become your personal cardio, core, or even bodybuilding workout. It’s really up to how you convert motions into exercise sets!

Just because you want to turn your house move into a fun-filled exercise doesn’t mean you should neglect your move entirely – make sure all your exercise modifications will help you accomplish your move much faster as well. The goal here isn’t just to stay fit, but to convert your move into something much more fun than you’ve expected.