Trimming Kitten Nails: 5 Things to Remember

The thought of a cat’s nail trimming is a nightmare for the people who rescue a cat from any rescue center. On the other side, it is a fun time for the people who understand its tactics. If you’ve just adopted a cat, you’ll quickly realize that there are a few things involved with giving him a safe and loving home that you might have not thought about.

Cat’s grooming starts from building his habits to maintaining his meal and giving him a bath to clipping his nail. Cat’s nail clipping can be a fun factor for you and your kitten if you follow the proper tips. Below are several importance tips for trimming kitten nails:

1. Understand Your Cat’s Behavior

The trimming process is an easy activity if you understand your cat’s mood. The best time to clip your cat’s nails is when he is happy and calm. Another good time is when he is taking a nap, feeling sleepy or playing at his favorite place.

Similarly, you should avoid this process when he is stressed and aggressive. It can be an easy process if your cat is at an early age.

how to trim kitten nails

2. Know When to Clip Your Cat’s Nails

Cats have a habit of furniture scratching that can be a huge problem for you and your family. If you want to avoid this situation, cut your cat’s nails periodically.

Outdoor cats require nail trimming on daily basis. Otherwise, you can perform this task weekly. Cats that have the habit of carpet scratching need strict eye and concentration.

3. Choose Proper Nail Clippers

There are different types of nails clippers that are available in the market. The selection of the right nail clipper can reduce your anxiety. Try to pick a sharp nail clipper. If your clipper is old and rusty, plan to buy a new clipper.

The choice of nail clipper depends on you. Scissor-like clippers have sharp and curved edges that can be the best choice for round claws. Another common type of clipper is a guillotine-like device that slides down to clip your cat’s nails.

4. Don’t Cut Too Short

Don’t go too deep while trimming your cat’s nails. There is a dark area called quick. It’s where the blood vessels are found. Only cut the sharp edges otherwise you can face a serious injury.

Similarly, if you are busy, don’t take the risk of your cat’s nail clipping as it can cause a serious injury. Keep sticky strips and powder to deal with any serious situation.

trimming kitten nails

5. Take a Slow Start to Make Him Calm

Most of the cats can be easily trained for nail clipping and it’s always good to take an early start. If your cat is fearful about nail trimming, you can make him comfortable by providing him some space. Stay away from doors and other pets as it can distract him.

Make a routine of cat’s nail clipping. Introduce nail clippers to him, simply tap the trimmer near the nail without actually cutting it in a first attempt. Once your cat allows you to handle his paws without any fear, you can perform the task of nail trimming.

Final Thought

Don’t try to clip his nails when he is energetic, feeling hungry, and playing at its favorite place. Similarly don’t try to punish him when he is resisting. If he is still frustrated to accept nail clipping skip this process for few days.

Nail clipping at the first attempt can be difficult but with time your cat will accept it. Make a habit of giving him treats after successful nail clipping sessions. Create a healthy and strong bond between you and your cat to make this process easy.

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