Uses of Laminated Glass in Construction Projects

Strength and durability are the two most sought-after properties in the construction industry. And, when we talk about glass, fragility and vulnerability are the two qualities that strike the mind first. However, the world has progressed big time. The glass that couldn’t take a single impact without breaking is now used for bulletproofing. The influence of technological advancement on the glass industry is truly amazing. Safety glass is one such product of technology. Toughened glass and laminated safety glass both fall under the category of safety glass. However, we will discuss the uses of laminated glass today. So, let’s dig in.

What is laminated glass?

Laminated or shatterproof glass is a processed glass that serves as a great alternative to standard glass. It is manufactured by merging two or more panes of glass. A plastic adhesive is used to hold the two panes of glass together. The comprehensive manufacturing method makes the glass super strong and shatterproof.

laminated glass in construction industry

Some of the common properties of laminated safety glass are as follows.

  • Safety glass can take harder impacts as compared to ordinary glass without getting damaged. Even on very hard impacts, the inner adhesive layer holds the glass panes together, thus, preventing the glass from breaking.
  • On a very hard blow, it can crack and form a spider-web-like pattern but doesn’t shatter.
  • Due to its soundproofing property, laminated safety glass is installed in the conference and meeting rooms.
  • It can withstand severe weather conditions.

Uses of laminated glass in the construction industry

As safety glass offers both strength and durability, it is extensively used in the construction industry. Some of the major uses of safety glass in the construction industry are mentioned below.

1. Commercial building facades and storefronts

Security is one of the major concerns in commercial projects.

We noticed that most of the shop fronts and office buildings are made up of glass. Every shop owner wants his products to display through the clear shop front.  However, a huge security threat comes with the use of glass. To tackle this issue, safety glass is employed in the building facades.

Laminated or safety glass sets all the security risks aside and provides a super-resilient storefront. No one can break the shatterproof glass, even if it’s the angry mob or a random burglar. The safety glass stays intact even on repeated strokes due to the inner adhesive layer. So, safety glass is perfect to be used in building facades and storefronts.

laminated glass in building construction

2. Super secure windows and doors

Windows are the soft spots in any building. Be it a home or a commercial building, windows are the favorite break-in point of intruders. Laminated or safety glass is therefore used in windows and doors. It doesn’t break in the first place, but even if safety glass gets damaged, it stays anchored in the glazing system thus preventing any break-in.

The laminated safety glass is also desirable for windows and doors as it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Safety glass is widely used in regions where tornadoes, hurricanes, and storms are common. We are the favorite break-in point of the intruders. Laminated windows and doors are, therefore, employed to enhance the security of the buildings.

3. High-end glass railing system

The glass railing system is a part of contemporary home interiors. However, the glass used in the railing system must be strong enough to perform the heavy-duty operation. Shatterproof glass is, therefore, used in glass handrails. A laminated glass railing system provides solid support to the stairs and enhances the interior aesthetics as well.

4. Sound overhead glazing

The glass used in overhead features should be strong enough to withstand temperature changes and harsh weather conditions. Constructors prefer laminated or safety glass for this purpose. Safety glass is used to make foolproof glass canopies, ceilings, and glass spandrels. Laminated or safety glass also filters out the harmful UV radiations of the sun. Therefore, it’s the perfect pick to be used in skylights, roofing, and overhead glazing.

laminated glass in construction industry

4. Resilient glass flooring

Glass is all the rage these days in the construction industry. From ceiling to flooring to furniture, it’s all glass. Glass enhances the grace and value of a building that’s why glass is particularly used in commercial projects. However, when it comes to glass flooring, choosing the right type of glass is very important.  The floors have to hold heavy weights; therefore, a super-strong glass type should be used for this purpose. Constructors commonly pick shatterproof glass for glass flooring, as it is potentially unbreakable.

Laminated glass is also used in office partitions and glass walls due to its soundproofing property. It blocks the noise pollution completely, thus, creating a super-private and professional space for office meetings and discussions.

laminated glass flooring

Summing up!

Along with its uses in the construction industry, shatterproof glass also finds its applications in electronics, aquariums, art galleries, museums, and many other things. The high strength and security value of shatterproof glass are greatly cherished in almost every field. However, it won’t be an understatement to say that the construction industry has made the most of the laminated glass.