How to Create a Personalized Home Office to Improve Your Workflow

Whether you’re just launching a construction business or looking for ways to streamline your cluttered architectural office, your home office space needs to be comfortable, professional and personalized. Grab your measuring tools and prepare to create a personalized home office that fits your sense of style and your business.

1. Think About Workflow

It’s easy to get distracted with all the style choices of creating an office space. From the latest ergonomic office chair designs to an energizing color palette, don’t get bogged down with these details and forget why you need an office in the first place. Here are just a few ways you can improve your workflow through the use of space:

  • Shift file folders
  • Upgrade to a rolling chair
  • Choose a standing desk
  • Add additional seating
  • Rotate, add or remove tables and shelving

Prioritize your essential features. If you’re doing a lot of printing, don’t hide the printer in the corner just because it looks big and bulky. If you’re meeting employees or customers at your home, think about their seating options and how to best organize the space to frame the conversation.

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2. Include Enough Storage Space

Since minimalism is all the rage, don’t be tempted to throw out all your filing cabinets and shelves. Sleek, streamlined styles may be popular, but you need enough storage space to avoid clutter. Keep ample room for your paperwork, office supplies and any other items you routinely use in your home office.

home office work surfaces

One way to balance this is by going as paperless as possible. From your calendar to your address book, many of your paper documents are more convenient, portable and practical when stored on your computer and synced with your smartphone.

Another option is to create custom shelving. With the right measuring tools, it’s easy to create a streamlined shelving unit that fits your space and stores all your tools and supplies for convenient use whenever you need them.

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3. Keep it Separate

Don’t let a home office encroach on family and personal time. A home office should be separate enough to leave behind when the work day ends. If your office doesn’t have doors, install an interior door to help shut out the noise of your home and safely leave work behind so you can spend your free time away from the office.

4. Organize Wiring

Loose wires are not only a tripping hazard, they are also ugly and distracting. Even the perfect home office setup can be ruined by a rat’s nest of wiring. Keep your home office mess-free with wire organizers or wireless devices.

5. Personalize Your Office

Finally, only you know what your office needs to function at peak efficiency. Consider your current space and your work requirements. Some home offices need little more than a desk, a chair and a computer, while others are bogged down with paperwork, tools and supplies.

Whether you need to add a few tools to your office supply or you’re looking to create your own shelving solutions, shop at Engineer Supply today for all your measuring tools. Achieve more from home by personalizing your home office.