PDFBear: Get More Work Done in Less Time with this Best Tool

Before the COVID-19 pandemic happened, students were all likely required to use paper and pen for their activities in school. But now, it seems that there are some pretty specific and essential tools to use other than the usual school supplies. Web-mediated distance learning and work from home are becoming the new norm.

So, whether you’re currently taking courses, or just taking a break and trying to find a new job online, you should definitely try one of the absolute tools that every “New Normal” person should have, a PDF reader that could give great help with your files.

The Indispensable PDFBear

 As other countries have started to go paperless because of online classes, the rise in using tools like this is unavoidable. PDFBear is an all-in-one PDF converter website that provides everything PDF. You can convert any documents into the PDF format, or the other way around: convert your PDF file to any file format that you want.


This site can also compress, merge, and split your files, making it convenient for everyday workload, whether from school or work. Now, you won’t be needing any other PDF converters out there. This website is surely the best multipurpose PDF converter you are looking for and here are the reasons why.

1. Convert PDF to PPT

Zoom meetings and Online Classes won’t be complete without the need for presentations. Turn that outline of your business proposal or activity into a PowerPoint presentation. Just select the “PDF to PPT” option, then select or drag your PDF file. Then, select “Convert to PPT.” Once it’s done, you can download the slideshow presentation and can finally edit the transitions and animations. Now, making PowerPoint Presentations can be done easily without hassle!

2. Convert Documents to PDF

You are planning to apply for a job and you are already done with your resume, however, it keeps messing up when you try to open the file on other devices. Good thing there is PDFBear you can use if you want your document to be secured and untouched by any unintended edits.

Any documents can be converted, whether it is from the word, a spreadsheet document, or a picture into a PDF using this website. Select or drag the file you want to convert, and wait for this PDF converter to do its thing. After downloading your converted PDF to your device, expect that no one can just simply edit or mess up your work.


3. Compress PDF

You were about to send an email with a file attached in it, though, it has reached the maximum file size because your PDF is too large. Do not fret because PDFBear is here to reduce the file size. By compressing them into your desired size, just click on “Compress PDF” and choose the PDF you want to compress. Now, you can still send your file with high-resolution.

Surprisingly Unique Features of PDFBear

From its basic features, there are more to explore that will enlighten you on how great this website is. These are some unique features of this website that will improve your workflow and productivity.

1. It does not Require Much Time to Upload and Download

PDFBear provides a rapid speed when downloading and uploading files. And when you’re done, just download your converted files to your computer or phones just as easily. This website avoids letting you wait as much as possible for the conversion of files so you can have more time editing them.

2. Easy Access for any Platform

This PDF converter can be accessed through any device. Whether it be Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or any other device, you can still easily convert your important files into PDF. The browser you use is not much of a problem as well. PDFBear supports the web browsers we use most of the time. You can use it on Chrome, Firefox, or even on Internet Explorer.

3. Safety and Encryption Availability in PDFBear

You do not want someone to look upon your document’s personal information that you may have your personal information or other confidential files. Luckily, this website is here to save the day because it can encrypt the files that will prevent anyone from stealing pieces of information from you. Whenever you upload your files to PDFBear, it adds a Secure Socket Layer or SSL protection to your file.

Uploading and downloading files into the internet sometimes does not sit right with us because we might give out vital information to others unintentionally. PDFBear gives an assurance of security with its features, regardless if you’re using the Free or Pro version.

Another amazing feature of PDFBear is the option of adding password protection for your file. Once you lock your file with a password, it already encrypts your file, so you do not need to worry about your privacy.

4. Retrieving Corrupt PDF Files

One of the things that will excite you about this website is you can attempt to repair a corrupt PDF. It is a nerve-racking incident for students, with their efforts being wasted. Upload your corrupted PDF by clicking on “Select Files” and selecting the right file, or drag that file and drop it inside the box.


Never Stress Over Your Files!

The features that were indicated above are just a few of what they could offer. There’s more to this than meets the eye so it is better if you try it out yourself and be amazed how it will help you survive the new learning or working set-up in this “New Normal”. Checking their website would be one of the greatest decisions you will ever make and will not regret.