How To Solve Different PDF Issues With a Single Free Tool?

Microsoft Office is a combination of different tools that we usually use to create PowerPoint presentations for our business ideas or teaching, Excel spreadsheets for cost calculations, and Word documents for writing any text like business reports, articles, etc.

The most common thing for the majority of these file types is that at the end of the day, we send or upload them as PDFs. That is mostly done to keep the formatting intact and to be able to view files on any device easily.

The one advantage that every PDF has is at the same time its biggest weakness that causes a lot of troubles to many people – You can’t edit PDF files without a proper tool. That’s why there are many PDF conversion tools available, that can help you turn those uneditable documents back into their original MS Office formats.

solve PDF issues

There are plenty of PDF tools available to use online as well, but only a few of them can help you convert files completely free and without any limitations. After a lot of trials and errors, we found the perfect one. It is a relatively new online PDF conversion suite, called EasyPDF.

How to Repurpose PDFs For Different Usage

If you have a PDF with valuable data that you want to reuse, you can easily convert that PDF to another format. That way, you won’t need to retype the text or find the exact images and charts that were used in the document.

Most ebooks you download are actually made in PowerPoint but saved as PDF. If you want to reuse the template of the ebook, but with different content, you can do it by converting PDF to PPT with EasyPDF. Then, open the file in PowerPoint and quickly edit text, add/remove slides or change images. If you aren’t a graphic designer, this is a great way to reuse ebooks made by one of them.

PDF to PPT Free Tool

If you need to extract some graphic elements from a document, like a logo, for instance, you can convert PDF to PNG. Then you can crop the selected element from the text.

Besides previously mentioned conversions, you can use EasyPDF to convert PDF to Word, Excel, Text, and AutoCAD and vice versa.

Compress and Merge PDF

If you are sending big PDF files over the email, it could be a good idea to compress PDF before sending it away. It won’t affect the quality of your PDF in a big way, but it will most definitely reduce its size. When you are doing this on your smartphone, where data plans can be limited, it will also save you from unnecessary costs by your network provider.

Merge PDF Tool

The other useful use of Easy PDF can be to merge two or more PDFs into a single file. It can be particularly helpful when you want to unite different resources or lectures into one place. When you have all the resources in one place, it is much easier to manage them.

Easy PDF is a useful online tool that can solve many different PDF issues you might encounter through your workday. It is completely free, without limitations or registration. When you need a quick way to repurpose, merge or create PDF, you can count on this tool to help you.

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