Top 4 Bitcoin Mining Software Worth Exploring

In the past years and present, crypto has had its share of fans and antis. But you cannot deny that it is one of the most promising industries today. Unlike the times back when it was introduced, it is far easier now for someone to become a crypto miner! In fact, you can start mining crypto if you have a gaming PC/laptop as well as opposed to earlier when you were required to have intricate machinery that would process the solution to the mathematical problem.

There are numerous software today that let you mine crypto today. The said software use the computational power of your PC/laptop to come up with the solution to the intricate mathematical problem. Since you have provided the necessary power to the miners to extract the Bitcoins, you are rewarded in terms of Bitcoin. It is no rocket science these days to mine crypto, which is why even youngsters are actively investing and also trying to educate themselves regarding this topic.

bitcoin mining software


This article will guide you through some of the best Bitcoin Mining Software that are in use today:

1. CGMiner

It is one of the earliest mining software and has earned widespread praise from experts and users due to its sheer ingenuity, straightforward and sleek interface, flexibility, and the fact that it can be launched on three OS- Linux, Mac, and Windows.

It is open-source, which is one of its most significant advantages. You must also keep in mind that you’d be better off using it if you are looking for advanced features.

2. EasyMiner

This is an excellent option for miners who are looking to handle multiple cryptos from one spot. It has a neat UI design which makes it easy for the users to manage their work. The figures and results are displayed through graphs, making it more straightforward for you to keep track of your Bitcoin.

It would be best if you also kept in mind that you can install it only on Windows. It also has a feature wherein novices can contact pro miners, which makes it one of the best choices for you if you are still a newbie.


Founded in 2017, ECOS is considered to be one of the most reliable cloud bitcoin mining software. It is the leading and first cloud crypto mining supplier that is running with a legitimate status. You will find loads of features on this software other than crypto mining that includes savings, wallet, etc.

One more benefit of this software is that you can avail these features on your smartphone through an application downloadable on androids as well as iPhones.

4. BFGMiner

If you are looking for a mining software best suited for the users to customize, this is the best option! BFGMiner was started in 2012 with the intention of appending FGPA services with a leading GPU mining software when it was being made, but currently, it only supports FGPA and ASIC. It can be installed on Linux, Windows, Mac, and now you can also launch it on Raspberry Pi!

best bitcoin mining software


It is also known for letting users simultaneously mine from various cryptos. It has a convenient UI that is very versatile for the users to interact with.


In the end, it is upto you which application you want to use. Every software discussed above is preference oriented. The description mentioned explains to you why the respective software is the best in its own way. For instance, CGMiner will be an excellent choice for you if you are looking for advanced functionalities that a miner can take advantage of. EasyMiner is a great contender if you are a beginner and want to mine more than one crypto at the same time from one spot.