Eco-Friendly Lighting Options That Will Make You See the Light

Not only is lighting an essential component of home design that can have a crucial impact on the general atmosphere, but it’s also one of the simplest ways to go green. However, there’s more than one way to switch to eco-friendly lighting. In fact, there’s a variety of options that will help you design an eco-friendlier home with a bright and light ambiance that you’ll love. To make things easier we asked some lighting experts what we should do for a stylish, eco-friendly home.

Start by installing new bulbs

When it comes to eco-friendly lighting, it all starts with green bulbs. Regular incandescent bulbs consume a lot of energy, most of which is wasted, so it’s no wonder that many countries around the world phased out the use of these bulbs. In fact, Australia was the first one to ban incandescent bulbs. Thus, you should replace them with an eco-friendly alternative if you haven’t already.

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Light emitting diodes (LEDs) have become the most popular solution due to their energy efficiency and durability. In addition, unlike other bulbs, LEDs don’t contain mercury vapour. Although LEDs are more expensive than other solutions, they use up to 90 per cent less energy and last approximately 100,000 hours, which makes them a wise investment.

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are another possible lighting solution that you can use to replace incandescent bulbs. They are less popular than LEDs, but still eco-friendlier and more efficient than the regular bulbs. They generate less heat and contain significantly less mercury than incandescent lights.

You can also go with halogens, but they are typically used as accent lights. They have a bright, white glow and must be installed in special fixtures. However, they also generate more heat than other solutions, so you shouldn’t go overboard with their use.

Go smart

Another great way to make your lighting greener is to make it smart. Installing tech features, such as motion sensor lighting, smart switches or an automated lighting system, will help you reduce energy wastage in your home. While motion sensor lights will turn off automatically when you leave a room, smart switches and other systems can be controlled remotely, which will enable you to turn off the lights without leaving your bed. In addition, you can set up different configurations and have your lights programmed to turn on and off depending on your habits, time of day, etc.

However, keep in mind that some countries, like Australia, prohibit unlicensed electrical work. That’s why hiring a reliable electrician who is licenced, highly trained and qualified is a must. Therefore, you should have an experienced electrician introduce new electrical installations into your home – they guarantee the safety of their customers and the quality of their work; that way, you can rest assured the job is done properly.

Make the most of natural light

No lighting solution is greener than natural light, so you should definitely maximise it in your home. If your home gets enough sunlight during the day, there will be no need for artificial lights, so you’ll reduce your energy consumption significantly. Therefore, you should remove those dark, heavy curtains and let natural light permeate your home.

Choosing a light colour scheme and glossy finishes can also help you create a brighter atmosphere in your home by reflecting light. In particular, mirrors are a great solution, so you should definitely add them to your space. However, if you feel that your living space still doesn’t get enough sunlight, you should consider installing skylights or solar tubes. This will require a bit more effort and investment, but it will make a great difference in your home.

Make your fixtures green

Switching to eco-friendly lighting doesn’t only entail the installation of energy-saving bulbs, but also the use of green materials for your fixtures. Thus, you should go with lamps, pendants and other fixtures made of reused, recycled or natural materials. You can also buy vintage lighting fixtures, which will have a positive impact on the environment while also giving your home a beautiful flair.

Key Takeaway

Installing green lighting in your home brings you a range of interesting and eco-friendly ideas that will help you create a sustainable and stylish home.