5 Ways to Eliminate Bad Smells in the Kitchen

The kitchen is often dubbed as the heart and soul of the home. It is where the family and friends congregate not only to enjoy good food, but also to celebrate life. It is no longer just a space for preparing and cooking meals, therefore, maintaining its cleanliness and orderliness should be the top priority of any homeowner.

Keeping the kitchen fresh and clean is extremely important because all family members tend to use it on a regular basis. In recent years, the kitchen has adapted to the growing needs of the modern family.

For instance, electronic gadgets such as laptops are now a common sight in some kitchens to allow the kids to do their schoolwork while dinner is being prepared, or so that parents can do some of their to-dos while interacting with the family.

Aside from its increased utilization, another reason for keeping the kitchen free from clutter is because it sets the tone of the overall aesthetics of the house. That is why over the years, kitchen renovations and remodeling project have become more frequent. Those who don’t have the budget for complete kitchen renovations, on the other hand, were able to make their kitchen look brand-new again by refacing their already old-looking cabinets and installing countertops in their kitchen.

eliminate bad smell kitchen

But even with the grandest aesthetic modification, your kitchen space will surely put off anybody’s spirit if it does not smell good as it appears. You might have the most beautiful kitchen cabinets in the neighborhood, but if your kitchen smells awful, then all your investments for renovation will quickly go down the drain as quick as your hopes and dreams of having an inviting kitchen space.

The primary reason why the kitchen tends to smell awful is that it tends to accumulate grease, food crumbs, and other household residues which are very effective in attracting cockroaches and pests. When these residues are left uncleaned over time, your kitchen is most likely to emit that lingering awful odor which can be quite to remove as time passes by.

Fortunately, there are tips and tricks which you can easily implement to keep the heart and soul of your residence smelling good and fresh. The simplest and most actionable one is to ensure that you have separate odor-neutralizing trash bag for peels and cuttings from cooking and spoiled leftovers. This way, you don’t have to wouldn’t have to worry about smelling them each time you open the trash can lid.

To give you more insights, here are the key takeaways of the infographic below from Mr. Kitchen Cabinet Care which discusses in detail some actionable tips and tricks to get rid of bad smells in your kitchen:

  1. Putting an open box of baking soda in the fridge.
  2. Using a lemon juice.
  3. Keeping the ventilation going.
  4. Regularly dispose of your sponges.
  5. Clean as you cook.

As you can see, keeping your kitchen smelling fresh is just as crucial as maintaining look aesthetically clean and new. To learn more about these tips, check out the full infographic below.

5 Ways to Eliminate Bad Smell in the Kitchen 01