Bathroom Basics: Furnishing Your First Apartment

Imagine that you have moved to another apartment, or let’s just say that you are on your place wanting to refurnish everything, did you ever wonder on what part of the house should go first?

You might say that the living room is the first one to get the fixing, and it is not a bad idea because the living room the first place visitors see every time they visit your house.

You might even say the kitchen because the kitchen is always used in preparing meals and kitchen trends tend to change faster than other parts of the house.

These parts of the house are important to improve if we can but, if you want to show that you are a good maintainer of the house, no part could be compared if you improved your bathroom.

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Whenever you go to any public building, always check their bathroom. Bathrooms are the symbol if an establishment maintains its cleanliness. You can go to the most beautifully-decorated place in America, but if their bathrooms stink or their toilets aren’t properly cleaned, they don’t have much credibility.

Moreover, having a bathroom is a responsibility. When you have a bathroom, you have to constantly scrub the tiles to maintain its pristine color, deodorize the bathrooms to get rid of the awful smell, make sure that there is enough water supply flowing in the pipes, and making sure that the toilets are not clogged.

There are bigger and harder jobs than these and if one cannot maintain these, never expect that they can have a great quality of service.

Well, it is also based on the status you have actually. If you look at most bathrooms present at gasoline stations, they would not be as clean as the ones you see on five-star hotels. They might be even filled with filth and vandalism.

A decent bathroom in the US might be the cleanest looking one on a third-world country. In some countries, toilets having a flush and bidet itself are considered as a luxury.

However, in keeping your bathroom squeaky clean, you do not have to make your bathroom look like the ones in Buckingham Palace. You have to make sure that everything is working, all the toiletries are put on their respective place, and the floors are not always soaking wet.

Only the basics are needed to be checked in your list to make sure that your bathroom game is ahead among others. To find out more, you can check this infographic from Mr. Rooter to find out more on how to get your bathroom done.

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