6 Top Uses of Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion is almost everywhere these days. From doors to appliances to railings to windows and roads; it is all around us. In the air, at work, gym and school, you can see it. You get contact with aluminum extrusion China at supermarket, playground, at the doctor’s clinic and in the stadium etc. There are myriad of products made well via the extrusion.

Aluminum is considered among the abundant mineral in the crust. Although aluminum does not exist in the purest form in nature. Bauxite is the source of aluminum. Bauxite is mined in different parts of the globe. In 1988, an economically feasible process was discovered for aluminum’s commercial production.

To extract the aluminum which gives the raw material for the operation of extrusion, alumina must go through smelting and an alloying procedure. Through these processes, low quantities of elements such as magnesium, manganese, silicon and copper are added for the creation of specific materialistic properties.

Applications of Aluminum Extrusion

Following are the uses of aluminum extrusion:

  • Air or military
  • Machinery
  • Consumer
  • Electrical
  • Energy
  • Transportation

1. Military

Following are the factors which make aluminum extrusion an excellent solution for aerospace, aircraft and military:

  • The absence of tensile at low temperature
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Lightweight with high strength; and
  • The capability to give a broad range of functionality into different components.

Aluminum has played an essential role in the above-mentioned areas for some years. In fact, the Wright Flyer in which the famous Wright brothers attained the initial powered flight back in December 1903. They used a cast aluminum engine block for minimizing weight.

Now, a new generation, alloys containing aluminum and lithium for extrusions. Also, you can now find aluminum extrusions in:

  • Military vehicles
  • Hospital and command tent designs
  • Helicopters and aircrafts
  • Rapid deployment mats
  • International Space station, and more.

2. Machinery

Aluminum extrusions provide diverse solutions for a wide range of machinery and equipment requirements. The capability for executing shapes, together with low maintenance, lightweight and high strength; makes extrusions vital components of the equipment.

aluminium extrusion applications

For automating factories, extrusions are crucial for linear motions units, actuators, high strength & low maintenance and low mass. You will also find the use of erector set system in different workplaces, run-out tables, T-slot profiles which can be combined with specified hardware for the creation of machine shield, factory workstation and CNC prototyping.

You will encounter the design flexibility of extrusion in creating a solution for a multitude of technical, mechanical and scientific equipment.

3. Consumer Goods

Attributes of aluminum extrusion identified above, lead to their usage in a broad range of consumer items. In an air-conditioning system, tiny multiport extrusion in the condenser help in achieving new energy levels of efficiency. In patio furniture, extrusion help to provide the ‘spring’. In sports goods, they offer durability and strength, for example, compound bow in target shooting.

You will find extrusions in:

  • Gold carts and cars
  • Sporting goods like soccer goals, lacrosse sticks etc.
  • Pleasure boats like accessories, trim, structure etc.
  • Fitness equipment
  • Ladders
  • Flashlights
  • Refrigerator’s condensers
  • Home appliance
  • Garden and lawn tools such as extendable saws, weed trimmers etc.
  • Seating in the hospitality industry and more.

4. Electrical and Electronic Equipment

With exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity, unrestricted configurations range and non-magnetic abilities, aluminum extrusion provides help to a wide range of applications pertaining to electronic and electrical equipment.

You will find aluminum extrusion in:

  • Laptops
  • Enclosures
  • Motor housings
  • Heat sinks — from minimum to maximum
  • Lighting housings, mountings and reflectors
  • Conduit
  • Connectors for industrial power distribution and bus bar
  • Power units
  • Computer cases
  • Housings, racks and Electronic chassis
  • Cellphones and more.

5. Energy Sector

Aluminum extrusion plays a vital part in the traditional generation of electricity, distribution systems and renewable energy technologies. Aluminum’s high thermal conductivity (62 per cent more than of copper and equivalent to 2 times that of copper in terms of equal weight basis) has transformed extrusion a right choice for electrical connectors and the system of bus bar for distribution of power in facilities in industries.

Solar Power

Extrusion is increasingly becoming famous as a critical component in solar power units – due to be photovoltaic (PV), cost-efficient racking and mounting solutions for concentrate, concentrated photovoltaic and building-integrated photovoltaic solar power system.

Wind Power

Extrusion can be used in wind power too. From bus bar in carrying electricity which is generated by a turbine, ladders and platforms; extrusion and extrusion reliant assemblies play a notable role.

6. Transportation

Whether for trucks, buses, rail, trailers, autos, and engineers are speedily turning towards aluminum extrusions for improving fuel economy, enhance performance and increase load-carrying capacity.

Aluminum extrusions offer vehicle manufacturers corrosion-free stuff with the design flexibility for combining in one part and optimizing the application of strength to where it is actually required.