Create an Outdoor Dining Area and Enjoy Your Backyard

You don’t need any excuses to spend all your time outdoors whenever the weather allows it. This especially applies to those wonderful summer months, when it’s a crying shame spending any of your time closed up indoors. So, in order to maximize your outdoor time, why not create a dining area in your backyard? That way you can revel in its beauty, sun and fresh air, while wining and dining. Take a look at these tips for creating an outdoor dining area.


Picking the perfect spot

If you don’t really have a backyard, but rather a balcony, or if your backyard is a smaller one, then you probably won’t have much to think about when choosing the location for your open-air dining area. However, there are some things you can consider. One of them is the view. If your backyard or your balcony has a nice view of the city, perhaps a park, lake or the sea, make sure you position your furniture so that you can enjoy this view while dining.

Also, try being practical when deciding where to put the table. Namely, if you’re cooking outside, then make sure there’s enough room to move between the grill and the table, especially if you plan on entertaining often. On the other hand, if you’re cooking inside your home, then put the table somewhere close to your kitchen, so that you don’t have to cross long distances carrying hot food and other provisions.

Decide on the best type of flooring

When creating an outdoor dining space, it’s important to install flooring which will be able to carry the furniture, possibly a grill and all the people you expect to spend their time there. When investing in such flooring, make sure it’s durable, smooth and solid enough to keep anything you put on it from sinking into the soft ground.

For example, ceramic tiles are a good idea, especially if you use quality tile sealing to preserve your flooring for generations to come. Ceramic tiles are also eco-friendly, as they’re easily maintained without the use of chemical-based cleaning products. Plus, they don’t absorb VOCs, or any other contaminating compounds. Composite decking are also an interesting option to make the most of outdoor dining.

Finally, your outdoor dining area should look like an extension of your home, meaning that your outdoor flooring should be in the same or at least similar colors and materials as your indoor flooring.

Bring the cooking outdoors as well

Making the best of the nice weather and spending quality time with your family could be even better if you not only eat, but also cook outdoors. Barbecuing is fun, but you should try making it greener by investing in a gas – or electric-powered barbecue, as the charcoal ones emit more carbon dioxide than you’d like. However, if you’re a true fan of your charcoal barbecue, just replace the charcoal with lump coal. The taste of the food is similar, while the process of grilling is much greener.


Similarly, ceramic grills and pellet grills are eco-friendly options you should also take into consideration. Also, nowadays there are some great environment-friendly solar ovens. With so many options, your outdoor cooking experience can turn into an effort to make this planet cleaner and healthier, while enjoying the fresh air and great food.

Make it comfortable

The whole point of taking your meals outside is to relax and enjoy those small pleasures life can give you. So, having that in mind, make sure that your outdoor dining furniture is pleasant to the eye, but as comfortable as possible.

A DIY project involving some pallets or old tires can get you some extremely affordable eco-friendly furniture. All you’ll need to buy are some colorful cushions and you’ll be all set. If you don’t think you can handle making your own outdoor table and chairs, opt for durable woods, stainless steel or recycled plastic furniture, since those are long-lasting and green. Also, small things like string or solar lights can add some charm to your outdoor dining area, as can a good speaker with your favorite music.

With a little creativity and some effort, you can make your life more beautiful and enjoy all the perks of a lovely backyard. So, roll up your sleeves and create your own outdoor dining space today.