10 Creative Small Indoor Garden Ideas

Many people are fond of indoor plants but only a few manage to create an indoor garden. Most homeowners have outdoor gardens and some have indoor plants, but it needs some creativity to create an indoor garden. An indoor garden can bring the outdoors inside and make you feel wonderful without stepping out of your house.

Homeowners can plant many varieties of indoor plants to create a garden in their house. However, they need to take care of their plants and pay regular care and attention. This post shares some creative indoor garden ideas for your home.

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1. Green Wall in Living Room

If planters on stands seem much simple, you must try creating a green wall in your living room. You can plant small plants they grow well in low and artificial light. It is best to use the plants with small growth as they need less maintenance and trimming. The modern twist in this wall garden uses tropical plants covering the back wall. These are low maintenance plants and grow well in artificial light.

2. Floating Shelves in Bedroom

Everybody wants clean air in their bedroom. You can install floating shelves and place tiny indoor plants on them. The clean minimalist garden design is perfectly suitable for small areas in any room. If you don’t have free space in your bedroom, it is best to install a few floating shelves. Place some lightweight pots and plants to enhance the visual appeal of your bedroom.

3. Tiny Indoor Jungle

Creating a tiny indoor jungle is a great idea for your home or office. A fiddle leaf fig looks pretty and it needs minimum care unlike the outdoor plants. Accompanying it with snake plants is also a great idea to enhance the interior appeal of your living room or office space. Use the warm and earthy tones of containers in this small garden to highlight greenery of the plants.

4. Mini Bonsai Forest

Creating a mini Bonsai forest is another great idea to create a small garden in your home. Although, it requires some experience, the project is worth to enhance the beauty of any indoor space. You can plant a small Bonsai in a planter and place in on a table in your garden. Make it like a slope to add some aesthetics.

indoor garden ideas

If you like this mini Bonsai forest but find it difficult to create, you can purchase it from a store that sells indoor plants. Spending a few dollars on this Bonsai forest is worth to enhance the visual appeal of any indoor space.

5. Install a Planter Stand

Installing a planter stand can be great in the areas with low space. You can get a planter stand and place it against a wall in your living room or near the entry door. You can create a beautiful wall garden by placing hanging plants on the top and tiny plants in the middle and lowest planters.

6. Zone Your Layout

Zoning a layout for your small indoor garden can help create the illusion of space. Place a decorative carpet to define an area for seating and dining. The garden will function as an anchor point and you can place the furniture around it.

7. Create a Living Wall

Green and living walls are already making their way into the home gardens especially small gardens. They consist of textured plants that are great to cover the space in any area. You can create a vertical garden by placing the planters in a structure beside a wall. It is best to use a variety of tiny shrubs, grasses and perennials. You can also use fruits and vegetable plants in your wall garden.

8. Multi level garden

If insufficient light is the reason for your indoor garden not thriving, you must try multi level garden. You may have plants that require outdoor light for survival and growth. This is where multi level garden comes is useful. The indoor garden shown in this picture receives most of the light it needs for plants on all levels. Even the plants in the background receive sufficient light for growth.

9. Bathroom forest

Although bathroom is the place that stays wet most of the times, you can create a tiny garden there. However, there should be enough light in your bathroom for survival of plants. You can plant tropical plants as they love moisture and thrive well in humid conditions.

Moreover, you have other options like succulents, hoyas and cacti that you don’t need much care and water. However, bathroom forest is great only if you have sufficient space so that you don’t mess up with the plants while using your bathroom.

10. Home theater garden

A home theater garden can be an amazing idea to enjoy watching movies and TV shows with your plants. You can choose succulents as they don’t need frequent watering to place around your home theater.

Actually tropical plants require more water and the moisture can harm your electronics. So, succulent are more suitable for a home theater garden. Place two plants on each side of your TV screen and place a plant along with every speaker.

Final Words

The indoor gardens are popular in Brisbane and you can also use these ideas to create one in your home. Homeowners who don’t know much about the best plants suitable for indoors can consult professionals like landscapers Brisbane. Using the ideas in this post can help homeowners and families to create a beautiful indoor garden and live with their plants in their home.