5 Ways to Create a More Relaxing Backyard

A backyard makeover is always a great idea, especially when warmer months are just around the corner. Warmer temperatures mean more opportunities for you, your family and friends to spend some quality time together. They also mean more time to relax and unwind on your own. To be able to do any of these things, your backyard needs to be optimized for both entertaining and relaxing.

Need some inspiration? Here are five ways you can create a more relaxing backyard where you’ll enjoy spending your days (and nights!).

1. Create a comfortable seating area

Comfort is king when it comes to designing a more relaxing backyard. Whether you plan on using your backyard for entertaining, relaxing, or alfresco dining, make sure to get comfortable outdoor seating. Get a weatherproof table, chairs, loungers, and hammocks, and pay attention to furniture placement. Ideally, the way you arrange your outdoor furniture will encourage conversation between friends and family and promote quality time.


Comfortable add-ons such as rugs, pillows, and tablecloths will contribute to the overall atmosphere and make your backyard more inviting. For best results, stick to a simple color palette, and do your best to ensure cohesiveness style-wise.

2. Add a water feature

Every backyard can benefit from adding at least one water feature. From ponds and fountains to swimming pools and hot tubs, water elements are perfect for giving your backyard that calm, serene vibe. Just the sound of trickling water can help you relax your senses and turn your backyard into an ideal summer retreat that’s perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

Certain backyard add-ons such as outdoor mist systems represent the ideal solution when the warm summer months roll around and the heat becomes unbearable. Such systems rely on the science of evaporation and pressurized water to optimize the outdoor temperature and keep you cool. Aside from these, other great water features to consider include wading pools, garden ponds, and birdbaths.

3. Install a fire pit

Just like water features are there to keep you cool in the summer, fire features are there to bring up the coziness factor during cool summer evenings and colder months. Fire elements are perfect for creating a sense of comfort and intimacy. This is why they often serve as conversation areas at parties and gatherings.

backyard barbecue

Fire pits, in particular, are perfect backyard add-ons as they’re versatile and serve multiple purposes. The fire pit will act both as a light source and as a way to cook everything from BBQ to veggies. The flames will also help create a romantic and intimate atmosphere, adding instant warmth to your backyard space.

If you’re handy and prefer to make things yourself, there are numerous DIY fire pit tutorials you can check out. Chimineas and fireplaces are other great alternatives that will contribute to a more relaxing backyard while also boosting curb appeal.

4. Add plants and herbs

Speaking of curb appeal, carefully planned landscape design can also be an effective tool in creating a more relaxing backyard. Plants, herbs, and greenery have the power to soften and add charm to any backyard setting. They also have a restorative effect and are ideal for adding personalized touches to an outdoor area.


Plants also absorb noise and add a layer of privacy, so you can easily create your own private backyard retreat. The only thing you have to be careful about is the type of plants you select for your backyard. Tropical plants are not exactly the best choice for desert locale, so stick with plants that are climate-appropriate.

5. Let there be light!

Last but not least, keeping your backyard well-lit is another way to create a cozy relaxation spot at home. The right kind of outdoor lighting can make a world of difference in how your backyard looks and feels. The best part? There are so many great options to choose from. String lights are the most versatile of all. They can be wrapped around trees, strung over the seating area, or draped across the wall or a fence.

Lanterns, candles, tiki torches, and illuminated jars are ideal for creating a romantic, intimate atmosphere, while solar-powered lighting and up-lighting fixtures are great for accentuating the beauty of the landscape.

Wrapping up

There’s nothing more pleasant than spending entire days outside when warm, sunny days roll around. Keep these tips in mind when tackling your next backyard makeover and you’ll manage to design a space that’s as perfect for relaxation as it is for entertainment.

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