Business Attire Guide: Casual Office Clothing and Accessories

As a working-class man or woman, you’ve probably spent some days in your closet wondering if you would wear a particular cloth or jewelry to work. Some workplaces give specific guidelines on what you’re allowed to wear. However, some organizations don’t do this thoroughly. Although there are guidelines for clothes, there might not be any jewelry. So how do you pick and choose what is appropriate?

Office clothing and accessories are essential for you to function correctly, especially in a corporate environment. There should be a specific dress code that is followed in the office, which the employees usually follow. This can make identification easier for the customers as well as other employees. If you’re new to the corporate world and you’re not sure of how to dress, here are some casual office clothing and accessories that would do.

1. Wristwatch

Wristwatches are one of the most acceptable office accessories. A wristwatch can be worn on any occasion, whether it is formal or informal. There are different types of wristwatches available in the market ranging from classic automatic winding watches to modern digital wristwatches. The Rolex Sky Dweller price may be a little too high for the average office worker but it’s a good step forward to command attention and build rapport. Nonetheless, you can opt for cheaper alternatives from brands like Seiko or Longines.


An automatic watch may be mechanically operated or electronically operated. An automatic watch is normally designed to be powered by the movements made by an individual’s hand. A quartz watch runs on a battery, while mechanical watches need to be manually wound.

2. Blazers

Blazers are perfect for a formal working environment; they are a less serious alternative to suits. They have naval-style metal buttons and are lightweight.  A great pair to wear with a neutral-colored blazer is a simple pair of charcoal or black pants and a white undershirt.

You can add more color with a dark green or gray blazer. Blazers sometimes are bought in pairs with similar colored pants and underwear to go. If it’s your first day at work and you don’t want to overdress or look too casual, then throw in a blazer.

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3. Purse

For women, a purse is an excellent office or dress accessory. They not only make your clothes look better, but they can also be functional. You can carry your makeup kit and personal items that you can use at work with a purse.  Use one to accessorize your work uniform. You will find that a purse will add some spice and color to any wardrobe. Purse designs come in different styles, and the material used differs too.

There are many Purse accessories available in the market. Some of these are shoulder bags, tote bags, sling bags, and many more. When buying a Purse, make sure that you buy one that not only looks good but is made of durable materials. You would be using them daily, so material matters. Choose from a variety of different materials like leather, cloth, and many more.

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4. Stud Earrings

When it comes to constant trends in fashion, stud earrings have been a popular choice for years. There are many reasons for this. First of all, they go well with almost any outfit and add some “shine” to an otherwise dull outfit. They also look good with other items such as bracelets, pendants, and even hair accessories.

If your office place wouldn’t mind some little ornaments, then stud earrings are perfect. Other types of earrings, like hoops, can be excessive. The one thing about stud earrings is that it gives you a subtle beauty, that isn’t too showy.

Stud earrings have been used for thousands of years to enhance and beautify our appearances, and they are still very much in use today. If you work in an office where a sense of fashion is essential, then stud earrings may be exactly what you are looking for to add some flair and elegance to your style if you prefer jewelry more earthy and not too flashy.

5. Neckties

Neckties have been around since the 1920s, and they remain a staple part of office attire for men and women alike. Neckties can be formal and informal, depending on the design, materials, and use. Some neckties are casual and bright; others are more for formal attire.

You can find ties in a myriad of colors, patterns, materials, styles, and designs. Common neckties are solid colors with stripes printed, plain, or multicolored.

Neckties are worn not only to match an outfit but also to accent it. The style, material, and cut of a necktie determine its effect. Neckties can be worn with a suit or as an accessory to a casual shirt or blouse.

Both men and women also wear neckties, sometimes with jeans or blazers. A necktie is a classic wardrobe item that never goes out of style. Neckties have become a highly fashionable item, often representing class and style.

6. Bracelet

Bracelets are decent accessories you can wear to work. There is an endless array of bracelets available in men’s and women’s fashion these days. If you are looking for a bracelet to match a dress, party dress, casual dress, business dress, or even a beach-going style dress – you can find one.

People continue to wear bracelets for their inherent meaning by applying identification tags, healing gemstones, sacred symbols, prayer beads, birthstones, or other hereditary materials. When it comes to precious materials, gemstones have tended to replace the more traditional metal-based bracelets.

For example, there are bracelets made of black opal and agate that are both stunning and affordable. You can also find bracelets that feature sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and other red or purple stones. Bracelets worn to the office should be small and modest. Multilayered and dangling bracelets can be distracting.

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It is always a good idea to follow company protocol in a more conservative office and to wear outfits and accessories that complement or go well with your outfit. As an employer, you should give your employees the right kind of training regarding the importance of the clothing and accessories that they wear in the office.

When the employees are given proper training on what is expected of them, there is less likelihood of any cloth-related mishaps. Certain risks can occur in the office, like slipping on a wet floor or stepping on a sharp edge of a desk. This can be reduced by wearing the right attire.