11 Living Room Decoration Ideas That Rock

Are you looking for suggestions for beautifying a living room? Or, does your current living room look in dire need of repairs or renovations? If you feel the urge to start from the beginning to decorate the living area, you need to plan well before working out anything weird and expensive for the home.

Sometimes, the whole living room needs one item, such as glass furniture, that is carefully regarded to balance the entire space together. Obtaining this privilege is much more manageable and affordable than redesigning every single element of your living room.

Here are some of the living room decorating ideas to help you put your interior designing issues far behind you and achieve the best results for your needs easily and quickly.


1. Flower pots

Whether you are at home or in the office – you will never be disappointed with having Flower pots as part of your decorating plans.

Indoor plants can add both color and style to our everyday existence. The tradition of having indoor plants in the living room does not seem to be going out of style anytime soon. Decorating your home with plants can make your living space more manageable and happy.

Here are some ways to decorate with the planters in living rooms:

a. Large Plant next to the Sofa

The idea here is to bet bringing in on a large plant that is the part of the garden decoration ideas to living room decor. It will look extraordinary if done right. Here are some of the plants that you can try for this purpose –

  • Areca palm,
  • Dracaena,
  • Umbrella papyrus.

b. Select Shelf for decor

Decorating your living room area with plants placed on the wooden shelves can be a wise strategy.  However, instead of going overboard with the whole thing and decorating solely with the plants can look monotonous and boring.

Instead, we can decide to mix it up to use the rack to store books, decorative pieces, tea lights, etc.

c. Use a bench to amp up the spaces

The idea is to bring various sizes and colorful pots and then use them to adorn a bench.  If it is not a bench, use a corner stool or other living room regions to accommodate your plants.

d. Use mason jars

Glass jars are readily available in various sizes, and alternatively, you can choose pots like ceramic, designer ones, or you can customize existing ones by deciding to paint them up.

It is a brilliant way to bring your personal touch and integrate the room with small plants and decor items.

e. Decorate the living room corner

You probably have a corner in the living room acting as negative space or possibly that area under your stairs – the best idea is to have one large Plant located in this area of the living room.

Another way is to collect a mixture of small plants of different species and then use plant holders that embody an improved look to your green wall.

f. Hanging plants

Another good idea is to have plants hanging in the living room. Using small planters that are hung using the DIY hangers, it is possible to keep a variety of beautiful plants that save and decorate the space and are quite easy to set up.

Use just a few small planters in one area or a big single hanging planter to create the best results for your needs.

g. Bonsai plants

Instead of using a huge plant, use a bonsai or opt to place the plant shoot in a vase. Select plants that can be grown using hydroponics and put them in a glass vase or plastic containers. It works perfectly for modern or bohemian interiors. Continue to place more of these on the inside shelves, over tables, and window ledges.

These ideas can easily enhance the environment in the living room. Be sure to combine green areas or flowers that contribute to this space’s appearance and satisfy the green thumb.

2. Living room furniture and decor

a. Layer rugs

Carpet or rug placement is one of the most prominent but often missed living room beautifying ideas well-recommended by leading interior designers.


This strategy requires 2-3 rugs, arranged in one extensive line that will serve as the base and 1-2 rugs for conventional highlights. The baseline is usually a  natural jute/cotton rug in a neutral color topped with bright color and an artistically patterned carpet. These can be in the form of Persian, geometrical shapes, or oriental designs.

b. Wooly decor

Blending fabrics is crucial in maximalist spaces.  Evaluate all textures in your house, from rough mats to metallic containers. Opt for woolly bolsters or a smooth sheepskin or textile to deliver the best results.

Just do not forget the principle for a great area to use anyone decor or texture at least a few times.

c. Hush your color fears

When it comes to choosing the best paint shades, fulfill your instinct. Dismiss those suspicions that your tiny space can’t put up with a dull hue. Dull color verges to hit panic into the spirits of the family.

If your area appears redundant and dull, throw in a bit of shade that has nothing to do with your color palette but instead infuse the space with life.

d. Utilize your wisdom when positioning furniture

The most valuable room layout suggestion is to evaluate when organizing furniture is traffic flow cycle – however, do not overthink it.

Just make certain that you can move in through the place without falling over everything. That being said, specialists advocate using foldable furnishings at the beginning of your area to make all such corners feel more comfortable.

glass furniture benefits

Push your table against the wall, and it will gawk out, similar to a doctor’s waiting area, which probably isn’t the view you’re looking for. Shift your junk and opt for discarding it. It will lend your house a fresh lease of life.

e. Build an environment with smart lights

A good lighting accessory can improve a dull area and makes it appear like a cozy escape. There’s a vast choice of modes ranging from industrial to glamorous. Experts say lamps that improve your prevailing decor are the best instead of merely choosing those that stand out.

If you purchase one new lamp, ensure that it sits within the balcony’s tone or gives it an intriguing and modern focal point.

Attempting two entirely different lamps with identical colors or geometric silhouettes can provide the space with an additional visual balance. If it is the drama that you are looking for, then look out for the unique pendants.

f. Blend and match fabrics for depth

Contrast fabrics to build a layered space. Rather than pairing a ceramic table with a concrete ground, opt for rustic ones made from either rattan or cane.

If it is the warmth that you are looking for in your home, look for timber’s warm accents. Select fun grainy textures for routine and bigger designs for an informal vibe or create it with the experts’ help to blend the two elements.