How to Maintain Your Light Color Sofas in the Living Room?

Light color sofa sets look awesome to complement your living space. You might have received care and maintenance tips together with details related to material, dimensions, and most important cleaning instructions while buying your couch. Traditional covers look cool on your sofa with rectangular cushions and rounded arms.

Then, did you receive information about maintaining your light color sofa? If not, fret not. In this article, we will walk you through some of the best ways to maintain your light color couch to make your living room more inviting.

Beware of unsightly stains

Avoid drinking tea, coffee, painting your nails, or applying face makeup sitting on your light color sofa. Do eat sitting there because, food, makeup color, or beverages, all these things leave behind stubborn, unsightly stains on your sofa. You need to do a little coaxing so that your kids avoid eating on your expensive sofa while catching up on the latest episodes of a popular Netflix show.

Use quality covers for light color sofa

When you have a house full of guests eating and drinking at a party, with plates held in their hands, keep an eye on your couch so that no one sits on it. The best way is using slipcovers for your living room sofa to protect the original material beneath protected from food stains and spills. Asking your guests not to sit on the couch seems rude and not a graceful gesture when you have guests and hosting a party at home.

You can also move your light color sofa set to another room, but that might be impossible if the furniture is too heavy. Therefore, the best option is sofa covers to maintain your light color couch.

Clean your sofa regularly

When you have a sofa in light shades, daily cleaning is mandatory even if that sounds a tiring thing to do every day. First, vacuum your sofa set, cushions, and surroundings regularly to prevent dust and dirt to stick on the furniture. It will also help you maintain the air quality of your home.


Besides, vacuum cleaning, make sure your sofa is dusted periodically. You should also wipe it around to prevent dust accumulation. Your sofa should look spick and span, almost like new. Else, your living room will have a shabby appearance.

Avoid sitting at the same place

Avoid choosing just one place to sit every day or most of the time when you watch TV or talk with your family members. Change your sitting space so that one particular spot doesn’t slump, attracting more dust and dirt than the other parts of the sofa.

Make sure you plump up the colorful sofa cushions daily because light color couch shows depressions and creases more distinctly compared to dark-colored furniture or a patterned sofa set. These little tips matter when it comes to maintaining your light color couch.


A light color sofa set is a great addition to your living room décor. Then, it is equally essential to maintain the couch to make it look like new, dust and stain-free, and spick and span.