Citroen C4 – A Conventional Hatchback

Conventional hatchbacks are still very much in demand and Citroen C4 is one of them. Five-door hatch pose challenge to leaders of the class and being of the same size it has definite edge over the others as available at less price. Furthermore you get a range of petrol and diesel engines that emit least carbon dioxide and are fuel efficient too. There are models that ensure under 100g/km emissions and it is equally good for private and company buyers.

Apart from lowest of the range all engines have reasonable power and once again the swiftest is diesel that produces 148bhp. It is not as powerful as rival variants are but still offering good pull for this size of car.

Citroen C4 Conventional Hatchback
Price of the Citroen C4 is a major appeal, in addition to fuel-efficient engine

The best thing about this vehicle is its low price and it is hard to resist or ignore. But you also have to compromise on many key features. Rear seat passengers need more knee space and drab dashboard should be somewhat appealing. Ride is comfortable but it springs quite easily so much body roll is there even when not cornering.

This car is master of smooth tracks

If you compare it with leading cars of the segment then you will find it devoid of competitiveness. While experiencing a drive, comfort would strike out and it is true at least on short distances. Suspension engineers of the car deserve admiration for this. On sharp edges, potholes and joints it would jolts the occupants so it is more an automobile of perfect smooth roads.

Three cylinders turbocharged petrol 1.2 liter Citroen C4 engine produces 128bhp that is quite reasonable. It is ready to perform though you have to push it hard at times. Refinement is also an issue as vibration enters the cabin and quite embarrassing. At high speed things become quite pleasing.

Good boot space is good and ample legroom

For sake of low running cost you must think of options with little power. Blue-HDI 120 is a good choice because of adequate pull and excellent running cost. The base level models are not recommended if you have to travel many miles a day. For passengers space is the foremost priority and for front row occupants there is plenty of it but second row riders do not have this luxury.

Boot space is quite good and you can take big size things like large baby buggy. Split folding of seats at back further enhances boot space. Headroom is no problem whether you are sitting on front or occupied rear seats.

Infotainment system and navigation

Steering wheel can be adjusted in height and reach so that nothing restricts you to achieve ideal driving position. Seats can also be raised or lowered. There is some area of soft plastic and chrome trims inside cabin that are to provide it a rather appealing look.

Infotainment touch screen system is also there though its quality may not match to most modern technologies. Position of screen is good and navigation on it is also simple and you can complain of other features of it.