3 Skills You Need to Go Glamping in Style in 2024

Glamping involves taking the conventional, boring camping and elevating it into a fascinating and stylish experience. For instance, rather than sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag, glamping presents you with several alternatives to boost your camping experience.

According to Forbes, glamping preferences vary from one individual to another. What you perceive as a luxurious glamping experience may differ from what another person perceives. For you, perfect glamping may mean getting access to Wi-Fi, having gourmet meals, or watching a big flat-screen TV. Others may consider posh lodging tents and warm showers. Besides, glamping settings may significantly vary depending on your preferences. For example, you can choose a Deluxe Cabin, RVs, or a Glamping Tent.

No matter your preferences, every glamping enthusiast’s common factor is the skills needed to have a stylish glamping experience in 2024. Therefore, you need to have the skills needed to elevate your glamping experience. Here are three skills you need to go glamping in style.


1. Tent-erecting Skills

As a glamper, you may be content to use a quick pop-up glamping tent. However, such a shelter only suits your glamping experience when you are sure about the weather. Have you paused to think what would happen if it rained, snowed, or flooded? At times, the weather may be predictable, but this may not always work as you expect. Therefore, you should learn how to erect a tent if your shelter falls or gets swept away.

Erecting a luxurious glamping tent is a fundamental skill any enthusiastic glamper must learn this year. As such, it’s prudent for you to practice how to pitch a tent before starting your glamping adventure.


2. Cooking and Campfire Lighting Skills

You will likely take canned food along when going glamping. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t need to cook. Having excellent cooking and campfire lighting skills can come in handy when cooking bush meat. Cooking skills can help you avoid burning your food or prevent food poisoning. Regarding campfires, you should understand the type of food that is fit to cook using firewood.

While glamping in the jungle, you will come across different plants, animals, and fish if there are rivers. Apart from your cooking skills, you should learn to identify whether they are poisonous or not. You should also have fishing skills for you to catch fish while glamping in California.

Lastly, you should learn first aid skills. While enjoying a glamping adventure in the forest, you or your co-glampers may get minor injuries. Learning how to dress cuts safely can be helpful before getting medical help. Eventually, having these skills can help make your glamping experience fascinating.

3. Map and Compass Reading Skills

You will need to find your way around the camping site while on your glamping adventure. As a result, map reading skills are crucial when finding your way around the forest where you go for glamping. Learning how to read a map can be helpful when camping in places where phone signals are low. Can you imagine getting lost inside a forest where phone signal reception is out of reach, and you don’t know the direction to your campsites in new york? Well, your imagination is as good as mine!

camping in wilderness

Additionally, you should learn how to read compass directions. It’s also worth learning about the traditional ways of knowing directions. For instance, are you aware that the stars and sun can help you read directions? It may seem like an old-fashioned idea, but you should learn any skill that can help you find direction to your glamping camp. In any case, the sun rises from the same direction and sets in the same direction. Therefore, based on where the sun is positioned, you can find your way. Overly, having map and compass reading skills can help you have an exceptional experience while glamping in 2024.

As you plan to go for a glamping escapade, you should learn different skills to enhance your camping experience. There are many skills you need to know before going for your glamping expedition. Some of these skills include tent-erecting, cooking, campfire lighting, and map and compass reading. Ultimately, these skills can help elevate your glamping experience.