6 Essential Tips For Travelling With A Baby

Your little bundle of joy is certainly very active and energetic at home, and just imagine how tiresome and action-packed a long journey with a baby would be. Travelling with a baby on a short or a long trip across beautiful Australia doesn’t have to be a burden at all. As long as you pack all the essentials that a baby would need and ensure utmost comfort, you could have a safe and nice trip. Babies really have a few needs, and if you were to follow this guide thoroughly, you would undoubtedly have a worry-free and enjoyable trip.

1. Bring all the soothing remedies

No matter if you have a newborn or a toddler, expect that they will be restless and cry. For newborns, it’s of utmost importance to back the bottles and formula if you are not breastfeeding, and a pacifier. If your baby is teething you should pack cooling toys and some soothing remedies to calm the aching and crying baby. Also, have nearby in your nursery bag, for instance, a rash cream, a teething gel, and basic first-aid items. Unless you bring those small but vital baby amenities, you might end up having to calm your baby down for the entire trip.

2. Pack comfy clothes

Whenever you are about to set off on a journey with a baby, have in mind that you should pack at least three sets of changes of clothes. Babies tend to change the diaper very often, and a few mishaps can happen. Bear in mind that your baby will be lying in the same position for a long period, especially if you plan to go on a longer trip. If you happen to travel around the Australian coast, you can easily find quality baby clothes in Australia, in case you forgot to pack something. Choose only organic cotton to avoid a rash, and make sure that the clothes are always the right size.

Essential Tips For Travelling With A Baby

3. Don’t forget about bringing the vital accessories

Before you even start your trip, it would look that you are packing for a football team, and not for a single baby. Carry as many diapers as you think your baby will need. Have wet wipes and burping clothes by your side. Pack a plastic bag to store soiled clothes, a simple cotton nursing cover so you can breastfeed anywhere on your pitstop, or if you are bottle-feeding your baby, prepare and pack formula with an insulated covering to keep it warm. If your baby is older than six months, carry homemade purees and dry finger foods which would also keep the baby entertained. Don’t forget about bringing an extra blanket and a few of its favourite toys.

4. The must-haves

A stroller! Even if you are not planning a long trip, you don’t want to carry your baby around, but rather enjoy altogether on a relaxing trip. That is why you should pack a compact, easy-to-carry foldable stroller which you could easily place in your trunk area. Without one, you would need to worry where your baby would sleep and it would be a real burden having to run back and forth to the hotel to calm the baby. And, let’s not forget – a car seat! Unless you are travelling by plane, all babies must have their designated car seat.

5. Drive while the baby sleeps

If you don’t want to take any chances, the best way to ensure everything would turn out just right is to travel when the baby sleeps. Of course, this is best applicable if you are traveling by car, but it’s also the safest and most carefree way of travelling with a baby. They have an inbuilt sleeping pattern when the night falls, and even if your baby has a light sleep, it will still sleep far better than if you were to travel by daylight.

Travelling With A Baby

6. Rest whenever needed

Be prepared for anything, be ready for the unexpected, but also be tranquil and take breaks whenever needed. You cannot dictate the baby’s tempo thoroughly and plan out every minute and every step of the journey and hope that everything will run smoothly. Therefore, the sanest thing to do would be to rest when traveling long distances or to take a few short but mindful breaks. Babies love their routine, and when you change their environment, even if it’s for a couple of days, that can be traumatizing for them. Keep calm at all times and don’t worry about petite things because the baby can also feel when you are stressed out and nervous.

You can never be absolutely sure that everything will turn out to be exactly the way you planned when traveling with a baby, but you can ensure that the baby doesn’t miss out on anything. Utilize these essential tips and you will surely have a trip to remember.