11 Bedroom Organizing Ideas For An Extra Cozy Room

Your bedroom is often your refuge, your safe space at home. You start and end your day in the bedroom, so you want this place to be free of clutter. It doesn’t always go your way, though. Overflowing drawers, cluttered wardrobes and cabinets, and a messy bed can quickly fray your temper. Don’t fret, as we have the answer to your bedroom organizing questions. While we understand that there are times that you won’t be able to organize your room everyday, you can opt for smart storage solutions to keep everything in place. Check out our DIY bedroom storage ideas and let’s get cracking!

Our ideas will focus on decluttering and streamlining your bedroom. Let’s start.

1. Space Under Your Bed Is Ready To Go

A lot of people disregard the space under their beds, but it’s prime real estate for storing your stuff. It’s hidden, but easily accessible, two points in its favor. You can store only a few items there, such as a few books, magazines, or extra linen. Or you could go the whole nine yards and transfer everything from your drawer to a bin and place it under the bed.

Plastic storage baskets and wheeled storage bins are a great storage solution if you decide to use the underside of your bed.


2. Divide And Conquer!

Organizing your room is easier if you break down the room based on the furniture, then organize accordingly. Remember to start organizing storage spaces first! Work your way from your closet, to under the bed, dresser drawers, and whatever else is inside your bedroom.

3. Keep Your Closet Tidy

A neat and tidy closet lets you find what you want to wear quickly. Remember to separate your clothes by kind and to take out pieces of clothing that no longer fit and set them aside for donation to charity later. Hang up your clothes and get rid of any accessories you no longer wish to keep. Organizing your closet may take a while to finish, so make sure to schedule this task when you have around 3-4 hours of free time.

4. Think About Using a Blanket Rack

Do you love using a lot of quilts and blankets but find yourself dumping them on the floor in the morning? Then consider getting a blanket rack! These make getting up and making the bed a lot easier to do. Resist the urge to leave your blankets on the floor at the start of the day with a blanket rack.

blanket ladder

5. Try Pillow Baskets

Just like with blankets, you might also find your extra pillows dumped across the floor. Place extra pillows in baskets when not in use, then pull them out when you need them.

6. Pick Night Tables Over Desks

Instead of bringing in large desks, opt for a small but functional night table. A night table with drawers for storage saves more space than using a large desk and is a better alternative for smaller rooms.

7. Have A Clothes Hamper In The Room

Keeping a clothes hamper in your bedroom is a great way to make sure clothes stay in the closet instead of lying in a heap on the floor. Place the hamper near or inside your closet. You can color-coordinate your hamper with your room decor or opt for a basic hamper. Either way, these are an essential addition to a tidy room.

cloth hamper

8. Use A Small Garbage Pail

You’ll need a garbage pail to throw small pieces of trash, such as tissues, scraps of paper, and the like. Avoid large bins and opt for smaller ones you can easily move.

9. Keep Artwork On The Walls

To maintain a clean, streamlined look, avoid placing artwork on your night tables or dressers. Instead, put them up on the walls and free up your tabletops for other, more essential items.

10. Hang A Pegboard

Pegboards are another fun, creative way of organizing bedroom stuff. Hang bags, scarves, and jackets on the pegs or add some shelving and use these as an impromptu shoe rack.

11. Storage Furniture Saves You Space

Small upholstered storage benches are perfect for the bedroom. Store folded linen, blankets, or other items in them, then push them over to your night table or dresser for use as a chair.

There you go, folks, 11 bedroom organization and storage ideas. Always keep your oasis of calm clean and tidy and have a stress-free home life. Which one is your favorite?