Essential Textile Decor Ideas to Light Up Your Mood

Home is where you return after a day out working. Home is your refuge. It is also where you feel most relaxed and safe when the rocky events of life get overwhelming. As such, you want the space to be furnished with textile décor (among other things) that can lighten your mood when you feel low. Certain decorating choices can help foster a sense of peace. Also, how you choose to decorate your rooms can profoundly impact your experience while you are in them.

A well-designed living space filled with all sorts of items you cherish can be calm and help you and help relieve stress. Conversely, a cluttered space produces the exact opposite effect – a bad mood and not-so-good mental health. Even simple items like linen tablecloths can prove useful.

We collected many tips and tricks on how to transform your living space into a sanctuary radically. Among those tips is how to use textile décor to create a soothing and stress-free environment you will enjoy every day.


What is textile décor, to begin with?

The term “textile” in interior design sounds a bit particular – it refers to pretty any product made of fabric or woven. It isn’t as simple and straightforward as it sounds because some textile pieces come with plenty of non-textile add-ons. Still, textile décor can be used in multiple applications throughout almost any room. You will find textile decor in design elements like:

  • Throw pillows
  • Area rugs
  • Blankets
  • Window treatments
  • Wall art
  • Upholstery
  • Quilt

Nothing beats snuggling up in your quilt while it rains outside or in the winter when the weather is chilly. And if you are the kind that finds peace in the small joys of life, then a warm snuggly quilt is definitely going to improve your mood in the winter.

If you didn’t know yet, a quilt is any warm bed covering often made of several padding enclosed in the middle of layers of fabric. They are beautifully kept in place using lines of stitching, normally applied in decorative designs.

Believe it or not, you can make your decorative quilt at home with minimal skill. Firstly, log on the internet and find a DIY guide – there are tons of them out there. Alternatively, you can cut your fabrics in desired shapes, sew them together to meet the pretty fashion of your liking, and voila! There you have a brand new colorful quilt!

While choosing your quilting fabric, remember that 100 percent cotton is recommended at all times, but you can opt for cotton blends for the filling part. Note that you might need to purchase a few tools to do this or fulfill the DIY guidance you get on the web. The good thing is you can buy ready-made quilts on the web and skip this if you don’t find it fun.

Cute Tablecloths / Mats

A family that dines together stays together! But what you probably didn’t know is you can lighten up your mood in the morning or evening with some cute tablecloths or mat and still dine in style. Get yourself something lovingly crafted with carefully made fabric patches. We recommend only the finest fabrics for the mood – Indigo, Kantha, Ikat, and Ajrak, although cotton isn’t entirely incompetent for this application.

Choose something decked with decorative sequins or laces. With mood boosters like these, not only will you feel better and start to think straight, but you will also win the hearts of your family right on the dining table.

Curtains that please the eye

While seated in your room, your eyes will be all over the window and walls if they are not on TV or phone screens. That’s why you need to think about the kind of curtain you need.

If you sit down to think of it, curtains are just flowy fabrics, and it is up to you to boost their style quotient to what lights your mood. You don’t need to be radical – just keep your curtain choices elementary as a simple gradient of subtle and soothing hues to give the home a warm breezy feel. Alternatively, you can revisit the past with chic boho curtains or whatever else works for you.


We must get this out of our chests: have you ever tried to tie long colorful pieces of fabric on a sizable string or a patchwork that blends in at the center? This idea works all times for those with cloudy moods (check-in any forum, and you will meet lots of folks praising it). This stringy idea is better known for adding that radiant vibe you need in your home – your mood could improve as a result.

Go ditch your years’ old curtains and create a fashion of your own with such fabrics as Muslin, Linen & Khadi – Textured, Satin, Bagh Cotton, Cotton Ikat, Viscose Crepe Silk, Maheshwari Silk, Chanderi, etc.

Soft (or fluffy), Bright Cushion Covers

The last thing you want to see when having a sulky mood is a dull-colored cushion that feels hard and cold in your arms. So, something a bit fluffy and bright would be near perfect for you as you try to bring light to your mind.

An excellent method to breathe much-needed life into your boring living space that worsens your mood adds some reassuring cushions into the mix. They do two things: they brighten your mood and your space as well, but may also go a long way to give you an excuse just to lie down and think over it.

Once you pick cushions of the shape and size that suits you, try adding your twist by stitching them with your preferred cushion covers. Choose something soft. Some of the best crafts and fabrics would be Raw Silk, Shibori, Indigo, Kalamkari, Kantha, Cotton Slub Checks, and Quirky Textured Linen.

It is okay if you aren’t a big fan of stitching, for you can just buy some plain raw silk cover in pretty colors and explore other techniques like hand block printing, painting, and foil painting among others.