Everything You Need to Know About Leaf Blowers

Choosing the best leaf blower for your personal or business uses is a tough task as there are various types of leaf blowers including gas powered, electric powered, cordless, handheld, carry on backup, etc. There is no best leaf blower however there are lots of very high quality and excellent ones. Some popular and high quality brands include Toro, Worx, Husqvarna, Greenworks, Dewalt and Sun Jeo.

best leaf blower

These are just some of the more common as well as popular brands that will come up in most people’s reviews. Whilst there are a lot of brands and different type of leaf blowers out there, we have decided to make everyone’s life easier and create our very own review. We spent hours of research and testing as well as asking professionals on their opinions on what the best leaf blowers are, to create this best leaf blower review post. We have created our reviews based around various factors including the model, the price, the durability, the power as well as many other important factors.

Types of Leaf Blower

With regards to power, you’ll want to get either a gas or electric powered leaf blower. There are many of these leaf blowers for sale. The reason being that they are all powered this way.

Whilst they may be powerful, it comes with some disadvantages. One of them being that gas can be expensive and that it can add up over time, the gas can also be smelly. Along with the population it’ll cause which is another important factor to consider.

1. Electric powered leaf blower

Corded electric leaf blowers can also be really powerful, additionally they’ll maintain their power level until the leaf blower is shut off. This however is the opposite for cordless leaf blowers as their performance will drastically diminish when the battery goes into a low state.

Battery can also drain quite quickly especially if you are using it for long periods of time. Thus, it may be required to purchase extra replacement batteries and carry them on hand.

2. Gas powered leaf blower

Backpack leaf blowers can also be a viable option as they are great for professional gardeners and for people that have to move a lot. They are called also gas leaf blower.

A backpack leaf blower is really convenient and can be used on a daily basis. They are also easy to carry as they distribute the weight amongst the body. In return this can also decrease stress on your body.

For large jobs, I would recommend a carry on leaf blower, on the other hand if you have a large yard or large areas to clean then a backpack leaf blower will be ideal for the job. For older individuals that want a leaf blower, then a lightweight model will be ideal for them. For industrial models, there are several you can buy at an affordable price.

3. Cordless leaf blower

This is the last and another choice, that is cordless leaf blower. This type blower is very light weight and comfortable for everyone. You can use it clean your small areas and home clean. This is very easy to carry that is really good for your hand.

Do you Need a Blower Vacuum?

This is probably the most common question I get and the answer depends on your situation. In short the vacuum function on most blowers is exactly that – an extra ‘function’ or a ‘bonus’.

To be completely honest not many yard blowers double as vacuums and do a fantastic job. If you only have a small area without too much dense leafage and debris.

Final Words

All are good but you carefully read this article for our useful leaf blower buying tips before you decide which one you need. if this article is helpful then share it and if you asking something then comment .