What Happens When A Kid Leaves Traditional Education?

The articles about homeschooling appear online more and more often. Some parents decide to switch from traditional school to home studies. Others understand that traditional education loses its advantages; they understand that they can give more to their children in terms of education, but they’re afraid of responsibility.

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They should choose the program to study and to provide a high quality of education so children can pass the exams, write unique decent papers according https://researchpapers.io/plagiarism-checker/ and get the necessary certificates. This sounds challenging for the majority of parents. Therefore, they continue choosing traditional schooling because of different reasons. Only a few selected ones devote their lives to bringing up geniuses. Why do parents decide to change the traditional school system of their children? We will try to explain in this article.

Is Traditional Education That Bad?

Why the thoughts of leaving traditional school come to the minds of modern parents more often? Education is the basement for a productive society. Basically, the education system is designed so it can produce a working force for the future. Therefore, it targets an average level of knowledge sufficient to support the needs of corporations. Someone needs to fill in the position of average managers, bank workers, office assistants, administrators, and other clerical positions that are releasing every day.

Traditional school doesn’t encourage creative thinking as corporations don’t need this. They need only submissive and obedient office workers to maintain current profits. The problem is that some people fit their needs well, but others don’t. Homeschooling is the alternative option for “others.”

Traditional School Satisfy Average Needs for Education

As children have different learning abilities, their needs for education differ as well. Some children are quite comfortable with what traditional schools offer. Others need much more than that. Some children switched to homeschooling who are future candidates for winning Nobel Prizes. Therefore, leaving a traditional school isn’t scaring – it may result in a huge success. However, the responsibility of parents is also high.

If, for example, at a traditional school a methodologist is responsible for the educational methods to be employed, teachers are responsible for the quality of education, social workers and school psychologists are responsible for psychological wellbeing, and medical workers are responsible for physical health, at home, parents are responsible for all. They have to perform the functions of managers, teachers, psychologists, and nurses.

School Education Ignore Uniqueness of Personality

Parents claim that traditional school doesn’t take into account individuality, ignore the development of creativity in children, and interests of their children. This is something difficult to question, but don’t forget that the free educational system has been created to satisfy the basic needs of children. In the past, there was a need to educate as many children as possible because even basic education was inaccessible for them.

Nowadays, the needs of children are growing. More information is available on the internet, and they can learn anything by just googling the issue. Therefore, traditional education can’t compete for the internet in terms of education.

Besides, school education targets getting a certain standard package of knowledge available for all. It doesn’t take any individual interests or learning ability of kids. For example, some children may process information slower than others; some prefer chemistry to math; some have higher learning ability in the morning, others in the evening, etc. Homeschooling offers an opportunity to develop an individual approach to studies, learn where it’s comfortable for kids and emphasize particular subjects.

Traditional Education System Should Be Reconsidered

Obviously, the traditional education system doesn’t meet the current needs of gifted children. It should maintain focus on growth and creativity rather than educating future corporate workers. Not all of the children will become academicians or Nobel Prize winners, but, at least, the education system should give a chance for those who strive for more. Unfortunately, the education system in the current form kills creativity in children and homeschooling is the only one solution except for private schools. However, few parents can afford to pay for a private secondary school.

Presently, roughly 4% of children in the US are familiar with homeschooling. In other countries, the percentage of children taking home studies is less than 1%. However, there is a tendency of growing and parents become more confident about this option because often children involved in homeschooling outperform peers from traditional schools.

What Will Happen If Children Leave Traditional School?

To summarize, homeschooling can help reach the following:

  1. Become more creative
  2. Foster more adaptive generation
  3. Bring up forward thinking individuals
  4. Be more flexible in terms of the distribution of time during the day
  5. Develop specific features necessary to acquire certain professional qualities
  6. Modify educational approaches

There are several benefits of homeschooling. However, this is not the case when one size fits all. You should know your child very well to understand whether he/she needs homeschooling. For example, if you see that your child is bored during the lessons or is interested in a particular subject like physics, most probably, homeschooling is the best alternative for him/her.


Leaving traditional education still seems something unusual. Those who decided to make this experiment have both positive and negative experiences. You will never know unless you try to do it. There is a risk of failure, but it depends on your managerial skills and your ability to educate your own child. Parental intuition, your own educational level and your desire to make it work for your child are important. The Internet offers a lot of educational materials and different learning methods.

Therefore, you have a wide choice of free tools for learning and educating. This will help you become a better teacher and polish your educating skills. However, this will require more efforts and time from you, but the results will be different as well. If you’re not afraid to make the experience, try homeschooling for your child and share your experience with us!