10 Tips to Equip Your New Bathroom

Congratulations! You’re now a homeowner. Whether you built your house from scratch or you remodelled an old home, now is the right time to equip it however you like. To create the home of your dreams, every room in the house needs to be absolutely perfect.

That’s why you need to pay special attention to your oasis of peace- your bathroom. Do you know what it takes to equip a wonderful lavatory you’ve always dreamed of? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with these amazing 10 tips to equip your new bathroom. Where to begin?

1. Plan the layout

Precisely planning the layout of your bathroom can really do wonders for the whole look. Be realistic with the space you have. You can’t implement a huge bathtub if your bathroom is really small. So, take into consideration space and layout before you start equipping your bathroom.


Before you install any of the hardware, make sure to check your plumbing. The way your plumbing is installed can directly affect the layout of your bathroom. Changing the plumbing can really be expensive, so, it’s simpler to work with what you have.

2. Choose the colours wisely

Did you know that colours you choose for your bathroom can really affect the way your entire space looks? Keep in mind that everything depends on the space you have. So, pick your style and roll with it.

For instance, if you’re keen on industrial style, black, grey and brown are ideal colours for a bathroom any size. If you’re going for luxurious and modern, don’t forget to add a little bit of white and gold combo there, perfect for large spaces. Choose those “unusual” colours for details such as brass and towel bars to get a clean and neat effect.

3. Get creative

You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on fancy bathroom tiles and accessories. You can still have a lovely-looking bathroom without spending a fortune. How can you do that? Well, get creative!

You can buy a bundle of mismatched tiles on the budget and create a divine eclectic bathroom everyone will love. That’s only one of the bathroom trends you can follow. Some other inspiring bathroom ideas may include mosaics and different kinds of art on the walls. You can be the artist and proudly display your work to your households. On the other hand, you can get creative with structures. Don’t g overboard with colours, but choose different textures such as marble, metal and wood to create an out of this world look.

4. Keep the space open

This statement may seem contradictory. How can you keep your space open if you have a small bathroom? Even though things aren’t simple, a clutter-free bathroom always seems larger than the one filled with different things.


On top of that, you can use visual tricks to keep your space open. Full-length mirrors and see-through sliding shower stall doors really do visually increase the space. Additionally, choose light colours for your bathroom to make it seem bright and open. Besides that, don’t forget about the small window or some sort of ventilation to keep the air in your bathroom fresh.

5. Don’t forget about the storage space

Storage space is one of the most important parts of your bathroom accessories. Why? You need to store a lot of things in your bathroom without making it look messy or unorganised. How can you overcome that?

Implement cabinets and vanities in your bathroom where you can keep all of your necessary stuff. If you don’t have enough space for such large pieces of furniture, you can always install simple wooden shelves on your walls that go well with any style or trend you choose. Be imaginative when installing the shelves. Try different patterns and sizes to make your space look interesting.

6. Purchase the necessary accessories

What are all the things you need to have in your bathroom? Before you start your necessities and accessories shopping, make sure to create a checklist not to forget something important. So, what is important?

It’s always nice to have a bathroom mat or a rug in your lavatory to keep your feet warm and prevent slipping on wet floors. Don’t forget to purchase toothbrush holders and soap dispensers as well. Of course, towels are a must-have. Try to match the colours of your towels to your bathroom. Use the colours of details to guide you.

7. Lights play an important role

Lights play a crucial rule in every room, not just the bathroom. But let’s focus on your lavatory. Again, the lights depend on the style you chose. Yet again, it’s vital to use LED lightbulbs as they are eco-friendlier and last longer than the regular ones.


When it comes to positioning your lights, you can have one ceiling or a couple of hanging lights, depending on what you like. If you have a vanity with a mirror, you can always install special lights above or around your mirror to create the movie star effect. That kind of light can also help you while you’re doing your makeup or shaving a beard.

8. Buy from high-quality stores

If you’re creating the bathroom of your dreams, better make it durable and long-lasting. There is no point in investing in cheaper hardware and bathroom supplies if they’ll need to be changed in a couple of months.

When it comes to quality equipment, choosing the right store to buy from is crucial. So, rather than going for cheap and plasticky equipment, pay a visit to the top-quality bathroom store. There you can purchase high-quality and durable toilets, baths, basins and many more. They are cost-effective, modern and will completely satisfy your needs by creating the bathroom of your dreams.

9. Freshen up with greenery

Believe it or not, you can keep plants in your lavatory as well. They are always a great addition that freshens up your space and brings some colour inside. Flip through the pages of high-end magazines, and you’ll notice that every bathroom has at least one plant in there.

However, you need to be careful when choosing the plants for your bathroom. Even though most can thrive in little to no natural light and humidity, some may be toxic to your children and pets. So, try to research the plants before you get them. You can always keep them on the bathroom window, on top of the cabinet, or beside the basin. They are a magnificent accessory that will turn the dull bathroom into a beautiful, lively one.

10. Green cleaning supplies

It’s commonly known that most people keep their bathroom cleaning supplies in the bathroom. However, let’s not forget how toxic and dangerous those chemicals can be for your pets and children, especially if they are at the reach of fingerprints. You must do something about it.

Don’t build another high cabinet that will visually ruin the aesthetic of your bathroom. Instead, you can use eco-friendly options that won’t harm your beloved kids and furry friends. To create green cleaning supplies, all you need is vinegar, baking soda, lemon and essential oils. Almost everything can be cleaned with these ingredients every home has.


As you can see, equipping a new bathroom is a process. You need to take every corner into consideration to get the most out of the space you have. Don’t let the size of your bathroom discourage you. You can make equally beautiful large and small bathrooms that will leave everyone in awe. Keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity. So, opt for high-quality equipment instead of overcrowding your bathroom with a lot of clutter.