12 Best Kitchen Trends You Must Follow in 2023

It is time to upgrade and remodel our kitchen to turn it into such a hardworking space in 2023. Sifting it from the usual white or neutral space to embracing new bright and bold colors. Here, we will share the 12 best kitchen trends in 2023 that you’ll surely love. Just keep scrolling to find what’s best for your kitchen!

1. Organic Style

Organic style is one of the aesthetic trends that added to the list of best kitchen ideas on the rise. Based on the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) yearly trend reports, natural and organic kitchen style has ranked three as one of the most loved kitchen design styles in 2022. This style still relies on similar clean lines and popular contemporary and transitional kitchens, but with an upgraded look built on the natural materials’ warmth and textures.


2. Green Cabinetry

A few years ago, this bold color trend boomed in Cameron Diaz’s Kelly Wearstler–designed home. But using green cabinets in the kitchen took a new craze these past years since Gen Z’s adoration of Dakota Johnson’s alligator green kitchen. Yes, some green colors may seem not used nowadays, but it is still clear that this color family is here to stay on trends.

3. Aesthetic Pleasing Cookware

If you live in an urban environment, it is better to opt for cookware that provides multiple functions. This way, you can do everything from cooking to boiling. And if ever you don’t have enough storage space, you can leave it out on your counter, but it still looks great.

4. Heavy-Duty Paint

Spending more time in the kitchen than ever before also leads to typical wear and tear happening at light speed. That is why a need for heavy-duty materials and furnishings is essential. Ensure to look for a paint that is both washable and extra durable so that it can perfectly blend for your kitchen walls and cabinets.

5. Maximizing Storage

Regardless of whether you’re more into baking hobbies or simply need to prepare more foods on the table, increasing your kitchen storage at home is essential and will continue to be in 2023. So get out your baskets and look for a cue to add more space to your home’s kitchen.

6. Warm Colors

Despite that white stays one of the preferred kitchen color schemes, it is no surprise that warmer shades are getting their place to be a color tone for more upcoming years. In the 2023 palettes of the year, the PPG had released a trio of colors composed of warm beige and emphasized with shades of aqua and orange.

7. Decorative Range Hoods

The kitchen is now getting into a range hood as its decorative center point that is usually hidden by ventilation. But take note it doesn’t need to be ornate just to stand out. A hood that features an accent color can go and perfectly blend your kitchen’s color and theme.

8. Strong Outdoor Connections

Perhaps, one of the key design elements is the visual and physical connection to the outdoors. Opting for bifold doors and larger windows is great, not only because it is functional but as it also adds a more stylish and less obtrusive view.

9. Faucets As Art

There are many innovative designs in faucets available today, as faucets function not only as a fixture to help with washing your dishes. They also become a work of art and can be a center point aesthetic of your kitchen. Countless designs out there where you can choose from; colorful, contemporary, and artistic. Just use your creativity and see what piques your interest.

10. Multi-Level Island

Generally, kitchen islands have been very popular. These can help in increasing storage space and prep area in your kitchen. It is also good to have two different heights on your island to accommodate both preparation and seating areas to do some office and school work or eat meals.

11. Wall to Wall Cabinets

We have seen a trend of no upper cabinets with open shelving being installed in the kitchen in the previous years. But that trend is fading, and now we mostly see walls to walls cabinets. This is mere because it can provide so much space in the kitchen, giving you a lot of storage space. Opting for this new trend will be beneficial to you, especially if you have many things you need to store away.

12. Quartz Countertops

For many years, quartz has been popularly used as a primary choice for kitchens. And it is still used as a kitchen design trend, even up to this time. It offers so much return on your investment and, at the same time, provides you a contemporary upscale look at home. Plus, quartz is essentially maintenance-free, making it super easy to clean and care for.

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In a Nutshell

Over the years, kitchen designs have continuously changed. But one thing always for sure remained; it is that the kitchen is and will always be the home’s heart. This space at home isn’t only intended for preparing and cooking foods but offers a lot more. It becomes a multi-functional and more open space for any family member who needs it, especially in this time of the global pandemic. The kitchen has become a working and even educating space area at home. Since it’s on display now, it means that it needs to be as comfy as your living room.