Natural Essentials To Give Your Modern Home a Touch of Serenity

After a hectic day at work, most people wish to go home, wiggle into their beds and enjoy some peace and quiet. Your home should be a warm and cozy oasis for you and your loved ones, but with all that time spent in the office, it is difficult to conjure that homey atmosphere. However, there are ways for your home to become a snug dwelling place with a more natural ambiance as opposed to most modern houses which seem too sterile and cold. Let us visit one house room by room and explore what could be done to make it a perfect home.



This is the place to which people often spontaneously gravitate, drawn by the scent of the morning coffee or freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Even if you live alone, you will still go in there a couple of times a day to prepare a meal or pour a glass of water.

For a natural look, show your kitchen as it is, wooden beams, brick walls and the rest. Since the polished wooden beams will contribute to the cordial feeling, you can consider adding some details made of reclaimed wood, such as a table, or a shelf. In this way, you are saving a piece of history and being mindful of the environment.


If you have a house with a backyard, then you know it is not easy to keep the flower beds neat and your house clean from all the dirt that you bring inside on your shoes. Luckily, there is both a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to this – paving a path made of stunning cobblestones through your garden.

Regardless of whether you choose granite, quartz, or some other type of cobblestone, your yard will always be tidy and trendy as well, since this material has an everlasting value. This assembly will give you a place you can enjoy with your friends and family and a natural vibe even to the modern of designs.

Living room

Being the social center of each home, a living room should be organized and decorated in a practical manner. Think in terms of comfortable padded armchairs and sofas covered with natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. Adding a few pillows would make this room a perfect setting for some quality family time, as well as leisurely afternoons in front of the TV.

And don’t forget the lighting! If your neighbors are a bit too curious, curtains are always a good solution, but opt for brighter colors and let the sun shine upon your rustic setting. Add some plants for good measure, but if you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry, cacti are charming and can bloom as well.


Say to yourself: the bedroom is a place to rest and not to watch TV shows and surfing the social media. It would be best to clear this place of electronic gadgets and to stick to a book as the only form of bed-time entertainment. This will help you soothe your busy mind before you fall asleep. Instead of buying a bed similar to some that everyone has, why not go with vintage furniture for your sleep-cave?


You can find some lovely beds and nightstands which are almost in a pristine state and which resemble those from the old Hollywood movies. This will add a breath of elegance to your bedroom, and you can drift asleep feeling like a glam movie star.

Parting Shot

Making a house feel like home is easy when you have the right ideas, materials and enthusiasm. Natural materials such as wood, stone and natural fabrics can add that rustic appearance which would make any room welcoming and comfortable. Turn your home into a snug nest where you can create memories which you will relish.