8 Features of a Perfect Family Home

Are you looking into a new home for your growing family? Well, it’s a good thing you decided to seek for some tips online – getting a perfect family home is not an easy task. You want to have a space that’s comfortable and practical today, but also in ten years. Sure, finding such a place can be tricky, but if you consider the following tips, you’ll definitely know what to search for.

1. Open floor plan

You might have never considered an open floor plan before, but this setup is truly perfect for families, especially if you have younger kids. With your open floor layout, you can cook dinner in the kitchen or finish with your meal in the dining room while easily keeping an eye on your kids in the living room. This layout is also perfect for younger couples who love to entertain—you don’t have to worry about feeling isolated from the party while you prepare meals.


2. Plenty of storage

It’s amazing how many things one family of four can generate over the years, so don’t worry you’ll ever have too much storage. Make sure you have separate storage rooms like a utility room or boot room, as well as built-in storage. You will simply adore your utility room, trust us.

If you equip it with Energy Saving washer and dryer, you can create a practical room you’ll use every single day. If you can make it work, provide indoor access from this room—this is super practical for dumping dirty clothes and drying the washing (if you prefer air drying).

3. Outdoor space

You and your family require outdoor space. Kids can run around in your backyard, you can plant greenery, have al fresco meals or just enjoy fresh air and sunshine every once in a while. While some places lack properties for sale with outdoor space and greenery, suburbs of cities like Sydney really invest in such a commodity.

If you check out beautiful real estate in Northern Beaches, you’ll notice that most of the listed properties have at least a spacious deck for you and your family to relax outside and enjoy warm Aussie sun. Suburbs are always much better for families and if you add outdoor space to the equation, they will seriously make you consider leaving the city.

4. Bedrooms

You probably already have a vision of your master bedroom, but what about your kids’ rooms? If you have babies or toddlers, you want to keep their rooms close to your master bedroom in order to make supervision and feeding more practical.

However, as kids grow, you can consider moving their rooms away because teenage years usually involve drum kits, noisy friends and an increase in privacy needs. Every room needs to have a bed, storage, and good lighting.


5. Bathrooms

Ideally, you would have one bathroom for every two bedrooms in your home, with the master bedroom having its own separate bathroom. If you’re building your house from scratch, you might want to talk to your builders about your future bathroom needs. As kids grow up, they might need private bathrooms, so make this one of the discussion points with your contractors and architects.

Overall, every bathroom in the house should have basic amenities, but also plenty of storage for towels, hygiene products, and bath toys; practical flooring that’s slip- and water-resistant; and floor heating for warmth and quick splash drying.

6. Study

All of you will need a dedicated space for catching up with work or homework, especially once your kids all start school. If you lack space, you can dedicate a corner in your family room, but if you have plenty of square footage, a proper study will definitely not go unused.

If your kids are young, you can start with a playroom that can later evolve in a study room. Creating spaces that can grow with your family is the best decision you can make.

7. Playroom

When your kids are small, they will love a private space where they can go crazy and just play without any worries. This is exactly what a dedicated playroom provides to your kids. If you have a great use for your basement, leave it be, but if you don’t, convert it into a playroom. Once kids get bigger, you can add a pool or a poker table and take over their playroom.

8. Adult space

Of course, you will have your master bedroom, but that’s not enough. If you let them, kids will quickly overtake every available inch of your home, so make sure to dedicate something just for you two and your guests. If you have space, design a small lounge that will provide you comfort once the kids go to bed. Equip it with a few comfort items like a fireplace, timber flooring, and comfy chairs.


These are just some of the necessities for an ideal family home. If you choose to build or purchase a home with all of the rooms and outdoor spaces, you will never even think about moving again.