5 Most Powerful Ways to Simplify Your Life

We often dub our lives as hectic, but we can seldom keep up with our own ambitions and our own daily agenda, it gets so overwhelming. Whether the pace of your life has finally caught up with you and wreaked havoc on your energy levels or you’ve reached a stage of your life when you want to slow down, reassess your priorities and move forward with a clearer mind, you need structure.

The best way to move forward without shackles or burdens in life is to simplify your decisions, your existence, and your goals. Here are several of the most powerful ways to simplify your life through certain decisions that will give you a stable and secure future and peace of mind to enjoy and savor your present.

1. Conduct spring cleaning regularly

We oftentimes surround ourselves with material belongings in an attempt to overcome certain shortcomings, dissatisfaction, or lack of happiness with the direction of our life. Not only does excessive “stuff” clutter your mind, but it also introduces more chaos into your every day. Think about your wardrobe. Would it be easier to choose an outfit from ten different suits or three of them?

Clear out all of your things regularly, and give away what you don’t use and don’t need. That way, you can remove all distractions from your day-to-day schedule, save time, and save your energy for other, more relevant tasks. Plus, by giving away what you don’t need, you can actually make a difference for those who are less fortunate than you.

2. Control your financial future

Today, when you’re young, vibrant, brimming with ambition and energy, you feel invincible and you cannot possibly envision a future of no work. However, this fast-paced world of ours is constantly changing, and you’ll find that the unstable economic situation cannot promise a safe source of income. As time goes by, you want to be in charge of your finances and ensure that you have a stable financial foundation for your silver years.

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For starters, you can open up a high interest savings account that will serve you as a savings plan and a nest egg for your future. That way, you can protect yourself for decades to come while you slowly build your career one day at a time.

3. How about a digital detox?

Too much screen time can be damaging in so many different ways, and yet, we often forget about the perils of technology overuse that we surround ourselves with screens of various sizes to fill our days with content. Restrict your time in front of these digital screens, and your health will be much better, your focus will improve, and your brain will finally have some rest.

Studies have shown that excessive screen use leads to gray matter atrophy, damage in white matter, impaired cognitive abilities, and a slew of other issues. You want your mind to stay sharp? Limit your screen time to a minimum.

4. Choose single-tasking

Multitasking has become somewhat of a trend that modern employers encourage among their teams to see who is willing to go to that extra mile in order to impress their superiors. Today’s humans multitask even when their safety is at risk – such as texting and driving. A key to a simpler life often lies in devoting your full attention to one task at a time. Your performance will improve, you will save time, and you will be more satisfied in your life and work alike.

5. Clear your head

Multitasking, surrounding ourselves with things we don’t need, and staring at screens for too long often leads to clutter in our minds as well. To slow down internally as well as externally, make decisions with a clear mind, and enjoy every moment for all it is worth, try meditating on a regular basis. This habit is known to help you improve your mood, self-discipline, confidence, and reduce stress significantly – all of which will help you make better decisions in life and slow down.

As complex as our lives may get, we are the ones choosing to make things worse for ourselves. Simplifying your life is the first step towards regaining the control you need in your life and for making sure you have the peace of mind and the perseverance to stay dedicated to your purpose through simplicity and mindfulness.