Best Places to Live in Colorado for Families

People all over the United States are moving to Colorado every year to have an enjoyable life. Colorado has a vast number of things to do. No matter where you look, you will find something beautiful. Not to mention, the nature of this state creates a picturesque environment with lots of forests and mountains. The state is always cheerful. There are 300 days full of sunshine. You can do almost anything, starting from skiing to joining live concerts, to even going for an adventure hike. Also known as the Centennial State, this is one of the best places to live in the USA.

No matter what type of lifestyle you live or your criteria, you can find all types of cities and housing options here. Are you planning to move to Colorado with your family? If so, you are not alone. There are hundreds of big and small families throughout the USA that are also doing the same plan every year. The state is actually an ideal place to raise your family. Comparing New York vs Colorado living, Colorado has more small cities for your preference.

If you are yet to decide the place you want to settle down inside Colorado, have a look at some of the best places to live in this wonderful state.

winter park

1. Small Cities

To draw a line between a thriving large city and a town full of greenery, there are lots of small cities in Colorado. These cities are scattered throughout the mountain lines and the state’s plains, where many of them come with unique qualities of their own. Many of them can be found around Denver as well.

Such a city will be Louisville, a small city that many people regard as one of the best places in the entire country in terms of living. It has a small population. The place is completely suitable for families as it has many parks and attractions to have a nice time with family members. There are also famous schools here.

2. Big Cities

Wanting to live in a big city is understandable as there can be a good job opportunity for you or you may want to live in a high rise. Denver, the largest city in Colorado, is ideal for families with mountain views and amazing spots to visit.

Fort Collins, the fourth largest city in the state, can offer you a comfortable and affordable living experience. Colorado State University is located in this city. You will get perfect security, a healthy life, and an excellent social environment in Fort Collins. Check out brisbane apartments for affordable apartments for rent in Brisbane, CA.

fort collins aerial view

3. Small Towns

Many of us want to avoid the hustle of a city and want to have a quieter life with peace and harmony. For them, Colorado has hundreds of small towns filled with natural beauty. Whether you want to be around the mountains or in the plains, you can find a town of your choice.

One of such picturesque towns will be Winter Park. In this town, you can have some thrill of skiing in the mountains. It has a good social environment and a very comfortable vibe. Located only one and a half hours from Denver, the town is ideal for families of all sizes.