An Easy Guide to Boosting Creativity

Are you an artist? Have you found yourself in a creative rut? Do you feel you are blocked and need help finding your expression again?

Creativity is one thing that can come in leaps and bounds one day but can also feel stagnant in another. Many artists struggle with creative blocks numerous times in their lives. There are also several ways to boost creativity as you go along. Your art is also your craft, so it should be something you cultivate. This blog will address how you can enhance your practice or the practice of those around you.

1. Get Out Of Your Head

Sometimes you need the very opposite of what you are trying to do. For example, if you are trying to paint a picture or write a short story but you are hitting a wall, you must leave the work for the time being and get out.

Going for a walk is a great way to clear your head—it gets you away and distracts you from your block and struggles. Sometimes your best creative ideas can come when you are active and out in nature.

2. Take Yourself On Creativity Days

As an artist, you thrive off inspiration, which comes in many forms. One way to stir the currently stagnant depths of your creative urges is by getting out of your head. Spend time with yourself in a creative way; this could be taking yourself to a museum, watching a play, or reading a great novel. Find the stimulus you need to reawaken the senses in yourself, and you should find yourself ready to overcome your roadblock.

ways to boost creativity

Experimenting could be a great way to spend a creativity day. Playtime is very healing and can nurture your inner child. Try something new, perhaps join an acting class. Use all your senses. Similarly, sharing your passion with a loved one can be very rewarding. Make sure to reach out to someone that also has creative urges and will encourage you in your endeavors.

3. Gift Yourself

Frequently, artists find themselves lacking in specific tools or needing to try something new. There are many gifts for artists you can use to treat yourself; this will allow you to expand your practice into areas you may not have thought to go. Furthermore, receiving a gift gives you something to look forward to—a way to stir up your creative juices in anticipation of its arrival.

Rewarding yourself is a meaningful way to encourage your practice as an artist. It is a very solitary profession, so sometimes you have to be your cheerleader, so go ahead and gift yourself.

4. Meditation

Meditation is a great way to get out of your head and back into your body, which can help boost your creativity. Meditation enables you to sit with thoughts and distractions with the ultimate goal of letting them come in and pass on.


Taking time each day to meditate will help improve your focus as an artist. Having more focus will help you think deeper about the problem or find creative solutions to address your current block.