6 Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Make Anyone Smile

Are you trying to think of a perfect birthday gift but nothing comes up? No matter what anyone says everyone loves to receive a gift. Regardless of whether it’s small or big, a present can make most of us feel happy and appreciated.

This year, unfortunately, most of the birthday parties are cancelled in Australia, just like all around the world. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your loved ones happy for their birthday.


Take a look at our list of birthday gift ideas that will make anyone smile.

1. Wall art

Gifting someone with wall art is always classy and timeless. There are many different wall art options you can choose from, depending on what the person you want to give the present to likes.

Canvas wall art comes in many options, from landscape paintings to lately very popular textured canvas wall art. If you think that you can make a nice wall canvas yourself, even better – it will make the gift more special.

Another great idea is the monogrammed wall art. This elegant present, you can either order online or make one yourself. Again possibilities are numerous.

Similarly, a very popular and original idea, especially if your birthday person has a pet, would be to have their pet custom painted. Pet portraits are beautiful gift ideas!

2. Personalized mugs and water bottles

Does your birthday boy or girl love coffee, tea, or maybe beer? If that is the case then we have an awesome gift idea for you.

You can make them smile with a personalized mug. You can choose photos or quotes that will be placed on the mug. So that way your loved ones will think of you whenever they reach for the mug. Or maybe you can engrave their initials on a whiskey glass or a decanter. That personalization will be a perfect gift for any occasion whether you are thinking about gift ideas for brother or sister, or your upcoming anniversary.


Similarly, you can have a water bottle personalized too. If you have that one friend or a family member who is always active and loves using water bottles, you can custom design a water bottle and gift them with it!

3. Flowers

Flower delivery is something that will never go out of fashion and it goes without saying that Aussies love their flowers. Buying flowers for someone and having them delivered to their address is guaranteed to make anyone smile. Ladies love birthday flowers, you just have to find out what kind and all you have to do is order them.

If you need beautiful fresh flower delivery, no worries, you can find a perfect birthday gift. From flower hampers to bouquets with different kinds of flowers – a perfect flower gift can be made for anyone’s budget.

What is even better is that by ordering flowers online you can have them delivered that same day! So, don’t wait to make someone smile on their special day.

4. Air plants and air plant holders

Air plants or tillandsia plants are becoming more and more popular in Australia. This is probably because they require minimal care and are very decorative. These little plants don’t need to be planted so getting them a nice terrarium is a good idea.

Air plants can be a beautiful gift for all those who love plants but don’t really have a green thumb. These highly decorative and almost impossible to kill plants will make anyone who loves plants happy.


If you want to go a step further, you can also get a nice air plant holder or a terrarium. The options and ideas for holders and terrariums are endless, which means that you can even DIY an air plant holder if you want to.

These decorative plants and their holders will certainly make for a great birthday present.

5. Edible arrangements

Just like you can order flowers and have them delivered, you can also have a fruit basket delivered. Some people simply prefer edible bouquets or arrangements.

This perfect gourmet gift is great for all those who indulge in food and drinks. An edible arrangement can be made up entirely out of fruit or maybe even vegetables. Similarly, you can order a chocolate bouquet or various kinds of food paired with a bottle of wine.

The type of edible arrangement you order will depend on what the recipient of the gift likes the most. This kind of gift would certainly be very delicious!

6. DIY body scrub and soap

If you are looking for more of a budget-friendly gift, we have a perfect solution for you. Make your own spa basket with all hand-made products.


Yes, you can easily DIY a body scrub or soap, all you need is a couple of ingredients and voila. You can make different types of body scrubs or different scented soaps.

This can be a very special gift especially because you took the time to make all of these with your own hands.

Hopefully, we managed to give you some ideas for your next birthday gift. And remember, no matter what you give to your loved one for their birthday, it’s the thought that matters the most. So, go ahead and choose the perfect birthday gift.