5 Vintage Gifts That Are Perfect For Collectors

If you have a collector in your family, he or she likely does not care about receiving a gift that follows the latest trends or has the most modern technologies. More than likely, these vintage collectors care more about vintage goods from a certain era or bring up a sense of nostalgia. They care more about ensuring that something has value and that they do not already have it within the collection that they are building. In this article, learn more about the best ideas for vintage gifts that are sure to inspire their collections and bring them joy.

1. Instant Film Camera

Photography is becoming a personal hobby for many, and when editing, many individuals are loving to give their photos the vintage look that is seen on film cameras. If the collector in your family is an artist or a photographer, consider gifting them with an instant film camera that is sure to be fun to use too.

Many of these cameras are beautifully designed to serve as a wonderful piece of decor for the display of the collectibles. It is even better for the collector if you are able to find a retro film camera that still works too so that they can test their hands at photography.

vintage gifts

2. Turntable

Records are now popular again, and if the collector in your family is a music lover, consider getting them a turntable. Consider a turntable from the time period in which they were popular to give them a gift that will go with their collection.

Some of the more modern turntables have hookups for Bluetooth or for auxiliary cords, making them inauthentic which is likely important to the collector. Purchase a few records from some of your loved one’s favorite artists too so that they will have music to listen to on their new turntable.

3. Retro Watch

A retro watch is perfect for collectors of a variety of things, including vintage accessories, vintage watches, and even vintage clocks. They can wear this watch on a daily basis too, especially if they already have a vintage style that they like to showcase, to begin with.

Most of these retro watches have a beautiful silver or gold band that will match well with any outfit too. Plus, the 90s are an especially popular decade right now among those who love vintage things, making a watch from the 90s a perfect accessory or perfect addition to a collection.

4. Kitchenware

If the collector in your family loves to cook, he or she may always be looking for kitchenware. There are so many vintage kitchenware that you can purchase from sites like eBay in a variety of different colors to help in adding to the collection. Go for vintage Tupperware and Pyrex with beautiful designs if your collector tends to display these vintage carry cases and food storage containers.

You can also collect vintage cast iron pans or vintage kitchen appliances like microwaves, toasters, and even coffee makers that your collector loved one would love to have.

5. Vintage Toys

The final idea for a vintage gift for the collector in your life is some type of vintage toy. If your collector enjoys toys from the late twentieth century, he or she will probably like Transformers G1 toys, which there are many of. He or she could also collect dolls or could collect even wooden toys that were popularized in the early and mid-twentieth centuries if he or she is into selling collectibles.

The possibilities are truly endless at the many vintage toys that are worth money and that are popular among all types of collectors from all different decades.


Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to think about what to purchase for someone in your life who enjoys vintage goods and is a vintage collector. Just know, no matter what collection these individuals have, however, that any object will be meaningful as it gives a sense of nostalgia.

Look for the rarest finds possible in any of the categories above to really impress your friends and family members who are looking to grow their collections. Their faces are sure to light up and they are sure to be satisfied with what you have taken time to pick out for them.