5 Most Stunning Crystal Chandeliers to Captivate Your Guests

Crystal chandeliers are quite popular worldwide. They make your place look stunning and beautiful. There are loads of crystal chandeliers available that vary in shapes, sizes, makes, functions, prices and in designs. All of them appear the best, thus it is really confusing for customers to buy for their homes and commercial places.

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There are varied kinds of crystals used to make the chandeliers look gorgeous. The crystals play a prime role in making the chandeliers look gorgeous. Customers need to identify the crystals that are sure to remain sparkling for many years. Unfortunately, they pick the inferior quality crystal chandeliers from unreliable stores.

stunning chandelier

Here are the popular crystals always used to make genuine quality chandeliers:

1. K9

It is of Chinese origin and most popular because it doesn’t need many incisions while cutting it for enhancing its sparkling quality and to design in perfect shape. It is made from optical borosilicate crown, and thus it is quite clear and doesn’t have any bubbles or scratches like glass crystals.

It is lighter in weight compared to lead crystals thus easier to clean and maintain. The chandelier won’t be heavy thus will not break easily. The chandelier won’t affect the structure of ceiling as well.

The chandeliers crystals are favorites of chandelier makers as it is durable and provide clarity needed to create a stunning chandelier at affordable price.

2. Swarovski crystals

It is Australian origin made of machine cut pieces of glass coated with solutions to boost up its durability. They do possess sharp faceting, thus shine a lot. These crystals are expensive and available in various colors.


3. Gemcut or Moroccan crystals

They have large proportions of lead oxide thus a lot shinier. The crystals are flawless however not quite durable. It needs high maintenance to keep them shining forever. They are chosen to make vintage metal based chandeliers.

4. Venetian crystal

They have Italian origin and quite well known for their beauty and clarity. You guessed it right! They have been in the limelight since when every royal home love to have chandeliers hung in their massive rooms.

Even now, traditional methods are used to make the crystals stunning bright. They are molded and polished under fire to make them the brightest.

5. Handcut crystals

The crystals are manually cut and polished using marble dust. They are one of the oldest forms of crystals popular for smoother edges and colors.

Crystals are shaped similar to diamonds to enhance their shining quality and to make them durable. They are the best to illuminate your home space and highlight your home décor. Enjoy chandelier shopping by visiting all the best leading online shops home page.