3 Ways to Increase the Comfort Level of Home Offices

The best home office equipment should strike a balance between practicality for your line of work and overall comfort. Drafting or art tables, well-designed seating and improved lighting can all be helpful in a new home office or upgraded workspace. Here are three of the most cost-effective ways to increase the comfort level of any home office.

1. Upgrade Work Surfaces

No matter your line of work, you can benefit from having a convenient and comfortable work surface in your home office. Browse or search a full selection of surfaces that range from simple desks to tables with adjustable angles, built-in lamps and storage compartments.

Complete sets may come with pneumatic-lift chairs that are designed to fit the height and angle range or restrictions of the surface. When considering a table set, check to see whether any options are available for installing storage compartments or lighting on the side that is easiest to access.

home office work surfaces

If you purchase a desk or table separately, you may want to consider compatible seating and accessories by the same brand. Otherwise, be sure to carefully measure dimensions and adjustable height or angle ranges on surfaces and seating. Architects and engineers may prefer modern or vintage-styled drafting tables, whereas other creative and design professionals may prefer the versatility of art tables.

2. Change Your Seat

The chair or seating options in a home office should correspond to the dimensions of a desk, art or drafting table, or any other working surfaces. In addition to matching the color or design of new seating to surfaces and other features, it is also important to consider whether a chair offers an adjustable height range or seating angle, casters or wheels to allow for easy movement and any other ergonomic benefits necessary to work more comfortably and reduce your risk of repetitive stress injuries.

Drafting chairs stand out for their extra height, but are not designed to tilt or rock. Most of the office chairs in stock have features such as a molded foam seat, ergonomic armrests or lumbar support. Premium seating may feature additional cushioning and top-of-the-line ergonomic design features and materials.

ergonomic chairs home offices

3. Adjust Lighting Levels

Changing the level and sources of lighting can make a drastic difference in the overall comfort level of any space. If your work involves a lot of fine detail, you may want to consider home office lighting that can reduce eyestrain. LED and fluorescent lights are bright and long-lasting.

Lamps with built-in magnification, extendable focal functions or inline foot switches are also available. Some desk and table sets come with an arm lamp or support light designs and mounting methods that have a small surface footprint.

Lighting Level Home Office

Improving the design and features of a home office is an investment in productivity. Start by considering the requirements of the tasks you do in this space and evaluate your current level of comfort before considering upgrades such as art tables, seating and task lighting. Browse or search a large selection of home office sets or purchase separate components that can make working from home more comfortable.