5 Ways to be a Financially and Environmentally Conscious Driver

When it comes to ecology and conservation, we often put an emphasis on the environmental issues in the automotive sector as being a significant contributor to climate change. However, we rarely talk about the changes we can make to lessen our negative impacts, considering the fact that most of us simply can’t give up the freedom and convenience of owning a vehicle. So, here are some simple yet efficient ways you can be a greener driver and help the environment, while also being more financially conscious at the same time:


Choose a greener car

While most of us love that “new car smell”, one of the best things you could to for the planet is buy a used car (if not an electric one). Nowadays, there are so many used car options available on the market that you can choose anything from old, retro models that can easily be upgraded, to newer ones that barely have any mileage on them; you just have to search thoroughly for the right one. What’s more, apart from saving you a hefty sum of money, buying a used car will also allow you to avoid directly supporting an environmentally damaging industry.


It would also be recommended to prioritize petrol over diesel cars, as they’re far less damaging to the environment, while having improved fuel efficiency systems set in place to save you some cash as well.

Maintain your vehicle regularly

Following the regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle is one of the most cost-effective methods for increasing your fuel efficiency. For instance, having the right tyres and maintaining the optimal tyre pressure can reduce fuel consumption, while cleaning or replacing air filters regularly could increase both mpg and acceleration time, all of which can help you be a more eco-friendly driver.


What’s more, preventive maintenance can also increase your chances of catching any issues early on, allowing you to save money on repairs, while also helping you to make your car feel new and fresh again with constant care.

Invest in great car parts

If you’ve bought a used vehicle you want to freshen up, or you simply want to keep your car running smoothly for as long as possible, it would be best to invest in quality car parts and accessories that will help extend the life of your vehicle, and make it feel new again. Whether it’s body parts, such as bumpers and mirrors, or even a new steering and suspension system, you can find nearly any part you need to fix up your ride, without having to buy an entirely new car.

It might also be a good idea to consider aftermarket car parts. Apart from having a wider range of high quality parts at your disposal, aftermarket parts often come at a considerably lower price as well, while ultimately helping you be a greener driver.

Never leave your engine idle

Many drivers make the mistake of leaving their engine running even when it’s not absolutely necessary, such as while waiting at traffic lights and railway crossings, or even when leaving their vehicle to run a quick errand. However, modern car engines use less fuel when restarting than when left idle on the road, thus helping you save on petrol. Not to mention the amount of unnecessary CO2 emissions you will be releasing into the atmosphere if you don’t turn your engine off.


So, if your car doesn’t have a start/stop feature you could use while driving, turn your engine off manually every time you have to stop and wait. Restarting the engine only requires a couple of extra seconds, but it can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to the environment.

Learn how to drive more efficiently

There are many new auto tech trends that will help people optimize their driving efficiency using innovative solutions and smart technology. However, older car models still rely on you, as the driver, to change your habits and drive in a more environmentally conscious manner. This means maintaining a steady speed as often as possible, getting into a higher gear whenever you can, driving smoothly, without sudden braking or rapid acceleration, as well as using the air conditioning less frequently, if at all. Although small changes, they will help you significantly reduce your fuel consumption, and ultimately do both the environment and your wallet a huge favor.

With just a few simple changes to your driving and maintenance routine, you can easily become a more financially conscious driver. And there’s no doubt the environment will also thank you for making a small yet significant difference.